Ardens Sol

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Ardens Sol

Post by agentaaa on Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:32 pm

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Name: Ardens Sol
Age: 440
Homeworld: unknown
Chosen God: None
Affiliation: Self.

(Include descriptions for the vaguely named weapons.)

  • Weapon 1
    Lightbrand - a beam of pure light shines out of the obsidian black of the blade, for a tall, thin blade of roughly 4 feet long. The blade appears to be benign to a odd glance but actually has the capability to burn whoever it touches. As it uses the pure elemental force of light as a power source, it ignores most flame immunities that one possesses, but as it's partially solid, it can still be stopped by blades - though, un-enchanted, ordinary steel or iron ones will quickly melt from contact with the lightbrand.
    While it is also supposed to serve as a large power-booster for Ardens, it needs to be recharged, as bringing it through the sweeping expanse between dimensions immediately drained it of it's power.
  • Weapon 2
    A spinning gold disk, Ardens' shield Is capable of blocking magic and elemental forces as easily as physical strikes, and it's hot-to-the-touch surface will make people think twice about trying to grab it. As with the lightbrand, it's meant to boost his power, but it's strength needs to be recharged before that function is restored.

  • Paladin armor
    This golden armor, with a smooth, sloping, full-face helmet, and curiously light golden plate, is able to illuminate any area Ardens steps into. He can also turn off this illumination at-will, of course, and is certainly capable of doing so. The armor protects well against any strike, regardless of origin, though it's not specifically immune to anything.


  • Light resistance
    Ardens is immune to light-based magic or negative after-effects of such. As he's fully in tune with his element, it no longer bothers him to be touched by it, and indeed, spells of lightthat hit him he can occasionally hijack for his own purposes.
  • Sense light
    Ardens has a form of sensing where he can sense any person who has moral parts of them that can be considered "light.". People exempt to this sensing include beings of darkness, or people with light within them that have nonetheless been overshadowed by dark energies. Noticeably, he cannot sense Efah despite Efah not truly fulfilling either condition.
  • Unblindable
    As Ardens has the gift of light, so can he not be blinded by simple tricks, and specifically not abilities meant to blind him via using light in and of itself. The only way to actually blind him is to do something that would affect his eyelids rather than his eyes. Even optical illusions, due to Ardens' prowess at light manipulation, are quickly sensed and dispelled by him.


  • Solar flare
    originally a martial-arts technique, Ardens learned this ability without use of chi, and it doesn't drain him. The solar flare creates a blinding flash of light originating from the users' forehead, affecting all but the user
  • light-manipulation
    though not capable of using any formal spells, like all other elemental forces, Ardens can use light in creative ways, instinctively - increasing his speed, creating an optical illusion,

Special Ability:
Solid-light cannon
The solid-light cannon is a blast of incredibly dense light energy put together and compressed into a deadly beam of force. Though taking a lot of energy to perform, it's one of the stronger energy blasts in existence. It takes some time to charge, but the beam itself is incredibly fast, once fired, and difficult to outpace.

The light elemental source, Ardens Sol was beaten many years ago by a group of heroes, including a different version of Shale, Efah, and Auger. Imprisoning him in a Cluster of black holes around a central prison, he managed to send a piece of his essence away from said prison into a portal of strange energy he felt nearby, pulling himself in aspect to Avalon. Though he has far less than his full power at the moment, he, unlike auger and shale at the moment, can access it freely, and he will make full use of it in order to build his new empire...

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Re: Ardens Sol

Post by Quantum Rain on Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:11 am

Hmm. 'New Empire' eh? Would like to see him try it!



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