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Apparition Form:
Aeon Form:

Name: Snowe
Aeon Name: Odin
Age: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Chosen God: Whomever his summoner sides with.
(Normal) Position Music - Forging A New Light
(Combat) Kayin - Proud Guardians


  • Fenrir's Fang
    Snowe wields a sword that transforms as he does, and grows in strength as he does. As a part of his being, it can be damaged, but not completely destroyed. It will repair itself as Snowe recovers.

  • Chimeraen Ally
    Snowe, when summoned, has a Chimera as a pet or sidekick. The Chimera is capable of anything any normal Chimera is, but retains an impressive endurance comparable to his master. It too grows in power as his master does, and thus his summoner.


  • Zantesuken
    A powerful ability in which Snowe rapidly teleports through the battlefield, utilizing his blade to slice enemies in two long before they can react. During this attack, Snowe is virtually immune to damage, however, he can only use this ability once per summon, and it only lasts for but a short period of time.

  • Gungnir
    Snowe launches his blade into the sky at an incredible speed, only for it to return to the ground on an enemy. The sword turns into many lances, all with a powerful piercing effect, as well as a lightning element coursing through them. The lances deal impressive damage, but are easily dodged. To counter this, Snowe is capable of utilizing the lightning and creating an area-of-effect lightning detonation. This is particularly useful against multiple enemies.

  • Yggdrasil's Branches
    Snowe is a capable magic wielder. His focuses are mostly on very light restorative magic and medium spells of the elements of Lightning and Frost (Ice). He is unable to perform any other type of spells or elements.


  • Summoner's Guard
    Snowe is an Aeon, and thus can only fight when a summoner calls upon him. When called, however, he will appear, and his powers will be unlocked. He retains freewill over his powers.

  • Summoner's Will
    Snowe, in his apparition form, is unable to do anything beyond communicate. While as an apparition, however, he cannot be harmed. He can only fight, and be fought, in his Aeon form.

  • Summoner's Sword
    Snowe does not grow in power himself. His power, and thus the effectiveness of his abilities, are proportional to that of his summoner, though his power does have a baseline. He does not earn additional abilities unless his summoner does. He cannot acquire any additional weaponry or accessories, either.

  • Summoner's Bane
    Should Snowe become injured beyond his ability to overcome, while in his Aeon form, he will require rest to recover from the previous battle.

  • Soul of Frost
    Alongside wielding the element of lightning, Snowe is also capable of switching to his more natural ice element at will during any of his elemental attacks.

  • Sleipnir
    His Chimera can shapeshift into an eight-legged horse at will.

  • Aeon's Choice
    Snowe, unlike typical Aeons of his world, is capable of choosing whether or not to be summoned, as well as by whom. Also, he can only bind himself to one summoner at any given time.

Special Ability: Oversoul Raiden

Snowe, as an Aeon, is capable of turning into an Oversoul form, provided that his summoner suddenly surges in strength, emotion, or motivation themselves. Should this happen, he will transform into this entity and receive a surge of power, and recover from any previous injuries on the spot. The effect of the power boost is proportionate to that of the summoner's. During this Oversoul period, in addition to everything else, Snowe can reuse his previous abilities.


Snowe remains a rather mysterious figure. His past is almost entirely unknown, and he does not share such with nearly anyone. As a person, however, Snowe remains a very light-hearted person, usually making jokes or snide comments. He usually smiles, whether wryly at his enemies, or sincerely to his allies. It is difficult to see underneath what damage his past has actually done to him, or what he may have been before he became what he is. What can be said is that, when summoned, this personality radically changes from loudmouthed joyfulness to that of silent determination. His loyalty to the the summoner whom he chooses is fierce and strong.

He arrived in Avalon through his bond with his single summoner, whom has also arrived in the foreign universe. He followed her here, determined to aid and protect her in what he can, though whether she remembers him, or acknowledges him, is entirely up to her.

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Re: Snowe

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I'ma approve this.
because I can.

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