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Name: Vires
Age: Eternity (Ageless/Timeless)
Homeworld: Unknown
Chosen God: None, though tends to help sometimes.
Height: w/ armor: 8'0" ; w/o armor: 7'2"
(Normal) Gothic Storm - Defender of Worlds
(Battle) E.S. Posthumus - Kalki

Appearance: Vires' 'conduit' is a full-armored form, colored white. Underneath the armor lies a golden energetic form. He tends to have wings folded behind him, usually white and feathery, but sometimes copies his true form when he doesn't wear the armor.


  • Shard of Power
    An ancient, lost sword that Vires has brought into this world. Due to the Eye of Barachiel focusing almost entirely on maintaining his form, it cannot be spared to use its extensive powers on the enemy. This sword is what allows Vires to more concentrate his energy. As well, it is not easily damaged or destroyed. This sword also inherits the ability to take away the power an enemy has garnered, and which is ripe for harvest upon death. It does not take the soul, however. It also takes time for this energy to be integrated into the blade, and can be lost if damaged or if Vires is defeated beforehand. Once integrated, however, it cannot be taken back out. The sword is also connected to Vires, preventing its power to be used by anyone else.


  • Eye of Barachiel
    This golden colored stone is a powerful artifact and the heart of Vires' conduit. While this is his only weakness, it is also the conduit of will into a more solidified form. It is well guarded by Vires to prevent any damage, and has the capability to repair itself should it become injured in any form. It is found in Vires' 'chest'.


  • Summoner's Conduit:
    Alongside his form, Vires is capable of calling forth one being, known as an aeon in his universe, to aid him in his battle. There are various beings he is capable of summoning, but is restricted to one at any time, and they cannot enter any special form, nor are they capable of increasing in power as their summoner does.

  • God of Power:
    As a divine entity, Vires wields various, and often overwhelmingly powerful, magics and abilities. Unfortunately, this universe restricted him enough to cause him to be reduced to low level magics, though of any nature and element he requires. He is also noted for his capability to speak in the ancient dragon language of his world. (Known as Thu'um.)

Special Ability:

--Not available--


The god of Power, Space, and Time, Vires is one of the most powerful deities of his world, and perhaps a little more than that. He was once a human, but ascended to divinity through self-sacrifice and death. As he rose through the ranks, tearing down any deity in his path, he gathered more and more power. Eventually, he was the leader of his pantheon, and virtually the master of his world.

It was during his observations, and his containment of an age-old enemy, that he heard a surge of power and death from a further off universe. Upon investigation, he came to question the nature of the world of Avalon, enough to attempt entering himself. However, he was restricted to only utilizing an avatar, or a conduit, for his will. However, he was capable of bringing one of his angels along with him, as an aid and guardian, should he require it.

Now he walks in Avalon, with curiosity and a desire to set things right motivating him forward. Whether that calls for his confronting the gods of Avalon, or fighting alongside one, is yet to be seen.

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Re: Vires

Post by agentaaa on Wed Jun 13, 2012 11:49 am

Approved. Can't wait to RP with him.

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