Rorek Enders

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Rorek Enders

Post by Wynn on Sat Jun 09, 2012 4:55 pm

Name: Rorek Enders
Age: 52
Homeworld: New Vega
Chosen God: Anima
Weight (Including Armor): 314 Lbs
Height: 6' 4''
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black (Gray streaks from aging)


  • Immortalis Great Sword
    -A great sword forged with both hellfire and heaven's lightning. The blade can severely harm virtually any kind of being, potentially even gods. It is a massive sword at six feet long and weighing nearly forty pounds, one would be better off not needing to block a swing from this weapon, if only for the fact that even a shielded arm would be in pain after such a heavy blow.


  • "Dragon Skin" Armor
    -Armor forged from both a dragon's bones and scales. Despite being made from parts of a deceased creature, the armor is exceedingly sturdy. It is light and allows one to move quickly without sacrificing any protective qualities.

  • Dragon Plate Shield
    -A shield crafted out of a chunk of a dragon's skull. It is somewhat heavy, but provides more protection than most metals do. It also has some level of arcane protection, providing defense against magic.


  • One-Man Army
    -Rorek has herculean strength gained from years of fighting with a greatsword and running around with heavy armor. While at longer ranges, he is limited to his magic which is hindered by the heavy gear he carries, he is a juggernaut in short range combat. He can out-muscle three or four average soldiers without a second thought, as weild a sword one-handed with ease that many would struggle to swing two-handed even one time.

  • Adept Battlemage
    -While not even nearly as skilled as long-practiced mages, Rorek can make limited use of magic. However, his knowledge of the arcane arts is limited. He has some moderate skill in offensive magic. This is where his expertise in magic ends, however.

Special Ability:

-Boiling Dragon Blood
Rorek is a Dovahkiin, and one of the strongest to ever exist. He can use the Thu'um freely and use it to far greater effect than any normal human, and can even outclass most other Dovahkiin. When usuing the Thu'um, all he has to do is speak words of power from the draconic language, and can unleash a powerful force with little to no consequence to his own being.

Rorek is the emperor of a planet recovering from a great conflict. He has been fighting on his own, however, for nearly three decades and has also worked to rebuild his homeworld. While he was doing so however, he felt the presence of energy emanate from a fissure in the earth. He went to investigate and found a bridge between worlds. He went through the rift that had been torn open by the war in Avalon and ended up in this world. From the very start, he was not happy to be pulled into someone else's war. He spent many years fighting to protect his own home and actually was infuriated when an officer from Exitum tried to talk him into joining their cause. When he learned of the gods, he began researching, learning each individual god's motivation and desires. He also weighed the probability of whether or not each one would return him to his homeworld after the war is all said and done. He has chosen to side with Anima for the simple fact that she appears the most benevolent and also seems most likely to get him out of this world.

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Re: Rorek Enders

Post by Quantum Rain on Sat Jun 09, 2012 6:10 pm

Hm, alright, I like it thus far.



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