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Galaxy Maps

Post by Quantum Rain on Mon May 07, 2012 5:27 am

Seeing as we do have multiple galaxies, *cough* and people traveling between them somehow *cough*, should really get medicine for that cold... I am making a galaxy map topic for said galaxies. It shall show borders, color coding, and major worlds. (If you're not listed on any of the galaxies, you should pm me about that and list major worlds with locations.) These maps are made according to the nature of the storyline and how the factions are mentioned. Colors can be used a second time when in a different map. WE DO NOT ALLOW TRANS-GALACTIC TERRITORY! ONE GALAXY OR ANOTHER, NOT BOTH!

The first galaxy is the Altair galaxy:


Imperial Sovereignty (Rain, Main)
Atrum Imperium (Rain, Main)
Astrum Collective (Rain)
Concordian Star Unity (Rain)
United Solar Coalition (Rain)
Free Worlds Alliance (Rain)
Free Peoples Federation (Roach)
Verus Imperial Domain (Rain)
Alliance of Free Peoples (Disayle)
The Covenant (Dominion_Wolf)
Neutral Territory (+SRI)

Second is the Hyperion Galaxy:

  • If you have a problem about the size of your faction, feel free to talk to me in a calm tone. Complaints will not be accepted, reasonable arguments will. If you come witching at me, you will not only be outright excluded from the map, you will be ignored completely.

  • If you have an issue about names, please make sure your faction name in the faction lists are correct, and then contact me.

  • If you are missing major planets, send me a pm listing them and locations. I may have not updated the map yet as well.

  • If you are entirely missing from the galaxy map, know that some were planned beforehand, I may have either assumed that you were in another galaxy or unsure of which, and forgot to contact you...

  • If you wish to be in one galaxy or another, please contact me immediately.

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Re: Galaxy Maps

Post by Jediluigi on Fri Jul 27, 2012 10:40 pm

Where's the second galaxy?

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