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SRI Holdings

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The holdings of the SRI are as follows:

-The Gal'Gai homeworld, Alba is an ecumenopolis (A Coruscant-like planet) and is the SRI's center of trade, finance, and technology. Most Gal'Gai have been to Alba at one point in their long lives. Most visitors to Alba regard it as a shining utopia, with its gracefully curved skyscrapers, state-of-the art technology, and thriving art scene. Alba also has a seedier side; mercenary gangs operate in drug dealing and smuggling, and are often hired for corporate espionage. It is a general rule of thumb that the lower the level, the worse the neighborhood. To combat these mercs, the Albian High Senate has created the Urban Task Force, or UTF. These highly trained troops are sent into problem areas to perform clandestine raids, only very rarely ending up in a firefight.

-Fey, the first SRI colony, is an industrial powerhouse. While Alba is the center of science and technology, most of the actual production work comes from Fey. This allows Alba to keep its air clean and its cities glamorous. Fey itself is an ocean world with one mid-sized continent, Feyos, comprised mostly of dense forest. The rest of the world is scattered with islands, mostly centered around the tropics. Most of the industry is actually located in space, while Fey itself serves as housing for the workers. It is the second most populous SRI world, but is much less densly inhabited. Fey also has it's own sentient inhabitants, the Feyari. Feyari are seen quite commonly on Fey and Alba, but do not travel to many other places.

-Aph, literally meaning "A" in the Gal'Gai language is the third planet in the Aph system. The planet was originally classified as "Aph III", but was later shortened to just Aph. No one has formally named the planet becase the colony's inhabitants like to think that they are from an rugged, outlying part of the SRI, even though Aph is quite civilized and tame. Most of the fauna have been domesticated as either livestock or pets, and there are few predators to bother the colonists. Aph has 3 major cities spread out among its main temperate continent, but most of the population lives on their own on ranches and farms. The Jaklu, (yak-loo) an animal native to Aph, is served in a variety of Gal'Gai dishes and has become a staple of Gal'Gai food. [Pronounced Aa-puh]

Marenta Prime
-The third SRI colony, Marenta Prime is a paradise world or dramatic cliffs and overhangs. Most Gal'Gai only come to Marenta Prime for vacations, but those wealthy enough own private residences. Marenta Prime has it all: Shallow inland seas for light fishing and recreational beachgoing, offshore islands for getaways and surfing, and it's own native race to boot. Marentanz cooexsist with the Gal'Gai, but rarely ever leave the planet due to their religious belief that the planet is part of all life and to leave it would be to sever their lifeline.

-Tchaal, along with Riina, is a new wave colony. Settled little over 20 years ago, Tchaal is still in it's infancy. There are no major cities on it's surface and the planet is still being mapped. [Pronounced T-Kaal]

-Riina is the second newest colony of the SRI. The surface is about 3/4 explored, and has given rise to Riina City, the first major population center on the planet. Riina is a planet of dramatic fjords and mountain ranges, most of the population lives on the coast and the many islands channeled out by recent glacial melting.

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