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Name: Ouroboros
Age: over 1000 years old
Homeworld: Zakarien
Chosen God: Exitius


  • Oroboros has no real weapons other than it's natural ones. However, it nonetheless has a strong, muscled body, massive jaws, and a potent venom mixed into it's fangs.


  • Fire breath
    Ouroboros's most-used and one of it's most potent abilities, it has the capability to unleash a swath of flames similar to a dragons. This flame is deadly hot, and known to be able to melt steel with it's heat. This is less due to the actual temperature of the breath, however, and moreso due to the destructive demonic energies mixed into the flames
  • Necromancy
    Due to having absorbed the power of a mighty necromancer it once devoured, oroboros is capable of raising the dead to do it's bidding as well. While it lacks finesse and is unable to do many more complex things than raising the dead, it's capable of raising a fair army or even incredibly large creatures without much effort, as it's body holds much more energy than the average humans does naturally.

Special Ability:
Necromantic flame blast
Combining both it's flames and dark energies, Ouroboros breathes a dark beam of flaming energies wide in power and scale. It's blast is amongs the most powerful weapons in avalon, surpassed only by some of the highest servants of the gods, or the generals, in terms of raw power at the moment. This ability grows in power as oroboros does.


A demonic snake from an elder race of Zakarien, Oroboros is the last of it's kind, the only surviving member of a race that at one point ruled Zakarien itself. Though not possessed of the gift of speech, Oroboros is an intelligent and calculating creature, wishing nothing more than to wreak death and destruction. Exitius tamed it to his will upon discovering Zakarien for the first time, and even now sends it out to cause rampaging death and destruction on it's foes. While Oroboros is known to be sent out on assaults, the commanders of the creature have little control over it's thoughts or actions, and can do little once it's committed to an assault, so he is normally used only once other decisions or abilities are useless. Oroboros tends to be able to keep himself from destroying his allies in combat, but little else.

Oroboros has little respect for most beings, however, is seemingly calm and somewhat willing to listen to what Efah has to say. He has a similar respect for Hayle, however, this respect is mixed with hatred, and the three seem to have a shared history together. It's said some of the scabbed over cuts that adorn Oroboros body were made by elysium itself.

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Re: Oroboros

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