Reas *Currently Deceased*

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Reas *Currently Deceased*

Post by Quantum Rain on Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:20 pm

Name: Reasolles Damerikan Van Estyrium
Age: 81
Homeworld: Aruna
Chosen God: Aeon

Weapons & Armor:

  • War Halberd
    This greatly customized war halberd like weapon has seen much use by this general of Aeon. Sturdy, and seemingly glowing with the same golden aura that surrounds the general's armor, this weapon is amazingly light and durable, with the added bonus of channeling conjuration abilities.

  • Astyrian Battle Armor
    Though modified by Reas to meet personal standards, this armor. Though also archaic and Baroque in appearance, it is highly capable of absorbing a shocking amount of damage and even blocking direct arrow barrages without it puncturing through.


  • Golden General
    As a general of Aeon, Reas is capable of expert magic capabilities, utilizing mastered conjuration spells as well as major white magic abilities. He lacks in the areas of destruction and enchantment.

  • Azure Warrior
    Reas is highly capable in combat, utilizing speed and agile strength to overcome his enemies. This can be brought out to its fullest, however, with the utilization of his white magic to enhance these traits and further decimate an enemy.

Special Ability: Elysium

Utilizing a combination of his axe as well as his mystic capabilities, Reas is capable of conjuring imitations of himself up to ten times. These imitations share his strength, looks, voice, everything. As well, these imitations can inflict damage upon others, making them useful, synchronized allies, but only at the command of the general that summoned them. Their general power is half of the conjurer's, but retains every ability, magic spell, and otherwise trait of the original. The copies cannot make more copies of themselves, however.

Biography: A general of Aeon's forces, Reas has been greatly accredited with many victories... but just as many defeats, whether through his own fault or out of some karmic balance. Reas takes those defeats personally, however, not only remembering and honoring, but learning from each. All for the name of the god Aeon, patron of the heavens... or so he believes. His fierce loyalty is matched with his talent and mental aptitude for the tasks he is often given, but will this stand when his homeworld is under siege?

Reas's history is simple, actually. Your average soldier proving himself capable time and time again until he rose in the ranks. Then, he was given a commanding position. Fortunately, this sudden rise has done nothing to instill an ego, as he consistently focuses on flaws more than victories. He goes so far as to state that every flaw makes a man, not their achievements, and with each flaw, there is another battle. Suffice to say, his goal is to eliminate these flaws.

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Re: Reas *Currently Deceased*

Post by agentaaa on Tue May 01, 2012 12:00 pm

how strong are the copies made via elysium. Can they use magic as well?
Other than that, not seeing too many problems here.

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