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Post by Quantum Rain on Sun Apr 29, 2012 4:26 pm

Name: Orionis Heshaeli Van Erlel'Siyane
Age: 31
Homeworld: Astyr
Chosen God: Aeon


  • Spiritus Diem
    A pair of oddly-decorative daggers that seem to glow with energy. In Orion's hands, they strike incredibly fast and can block the most powerful of attacks. They are also remarkably light, despite it appearing to have been made of heavy metals, to account for it being highly durable.


  • Aurea Corona
    A ring that Orion wears to give him the increased speed and agility he needs in battle, as well as allowing his wings to disappear at will, unlike most other angels, who must deal with them being constantly in the way throughout a battle.


  • Gloriana
    Orion has frequented the battlefields, as well as the aftermath. This experience has granted him the ability to heal himself with the magic he has earned from Aeon, as well as eliminate unwanted debuffs caused by his foes.

  • Hosanna
    Orion is very capable of attack spells, alongside his healing capabilities. His attacks feature a wide range of light-based magics, but he is incapable of other elemental magic.

Special Ability: Patronus Caeli

A rare ability amongst angels, Orion is surprisingly capable of calling down one of the guardians of Heaven, as the legend titles them. This eidolon of light takes after the strength of its summoner, and its appearance changes as he does as well, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. As well, each guardian is bonded to their summoner, unable to be swayed or manipulated otherwise.


Orion was hailed as an incredibly fast, and thus powerful, angel. His service to Aeon has earned him much credit to the name he bears, though in his mind he doesn't really care about his name or so-called "family". An adopted child, this angel has seen grace pull him from the shadowed alleyways of Astyr, and not long after, he was assigned to a military school, where his survival experience was put to better use. After quickly gaining rank, his family went about to use him as a bragging tool...

Despite this, Orion was lucky enough to garner the attention of a well known General of Aeon, Reas, to the point of being assigned as his assistant after his early graduation from training. Since his assignment, he has found himself in near constant battle, his speed and agility being put to the utmost use in battles that the general was ever assigned to lead. Now he serves in the battle for Aruna...

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Re: Orion

Post by agentaaa on Sun Apr 29, 2012 8:05 pm

approved with the stipulation that he's not allowed to sing the gospel song of the same name of his second ability.

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