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Name: Tyrath
Titles: The Void Father, Profanic God King
Gender: None, but is referred to as a he.
Height: 14'3''
Age: Timeless
Eye Color: Blaze Orange, faint fire actually coming out of them.
Homeworld: None. Resides in the void when not in a mortal realm.
Race: Uknown. Body is a mortal shell housing a being of raw power.
Skin: Brown and crimson flesh. Jet-black biotic carbon shell around many parts of the body.
Wings: Intangible flames.


  • Main: Caius' Theme
  • Battle: Heart of Chaos

Seems to despise everything.

Everything. Especially gods, mortals, and anything else with a conscious existence.

Tyrath is a violent and ruthless creature. He looks down on humans, considering them "pathetic", and has no mercy for others, even to those who serve him. He is a genocidal monster who sweeps across the worlds destroying everything in reach. He is the very essence of damnation.

Chosen God: Despises all gods.


  • -Spirit Rend-
    A colossal, crimson great sword. I seems to be made of a similar substance as his exoskeleton, and is virtually indestructible. Those who are slain by it never see the paradise of Heaven or the fires of Hell, their soul is literally cleaved in two by this monstrosity of a sword. The sword seems to also have fleshy sections on it near the handle and hilt, possibly meaning that it too, is a living entity of some sort. Whenever in the presence of those who fear its wielder or colossal destruction and chaos, its edge seems to get even sharper.


Tyrath can take the power and souls in Hell and manipulate them to his bidding. He can gather and disperse infernal power to conjure weapons and servants. He can rip demons' will away and force them into a body of his choosing, as well as feed them with the souls of the damned to empower them.

-Force of Nature
Tyrath can influence natural disasters to an extent. Due to his body not having a life that is in danger of being extinguished, other than his energy and consciousness being forced back into the void, he can use magic that mortals only dream of. Creating firestorms to burn cities and blanket fields in ice.

Tyrath can freely wield magic of virtually any type without so much as a second thought. These include spells as basic as elemental wards to more complex magic such as the Thu'um. The only limitation is how much can his current body at the time channel before it cant hold itself together.

Special Ability:

-Dies Ire
Tyrath is an agent of destruction to be reckoned with. His power is directly proportional to the amount of destruction he can cause and fear he can instill. Should he not be able to destroy or be feared, he will be virtually powerless... however, on the flip-side, if he can destroy the land like a tidal wave and instill ultimate terror, he will become incomprehensibly powerful.

Current Manifestation/Traits:


Current Manifestation: Aspect of Emptiness

Manifestation-Based Traits:

  • Bitter-Cold Lifelessness
    Tyrath's armor is his skin. He is very tough and has no sense of pain. This lack of feeling will make it possible for him to fight through even the most severe of wounds as if he hasn't even been scratched. However, this lack of pain can and will cause him to misjudge wounds often. Either overestimating the wound or himself. He could take a very minor injury and walk away, or could be at death's doorstep and never be aware of it until it's too late.

Permanent Trait:

  • Aspect of the Destroyer
    Tyrath is always partly trapped in the void between worlds. However, he can act in Avalon through an aspect. This aspect has a limited capacity to gain strength and power and will eventually cap-off. At this point, he will be forced to craft a new form for himself and destroy his current body in order to gain more strength. While this makes him semi-immortal, it takes a long time to reincarnate after a death.


[Ancient Text Excerpt]
For the longest time, my friend's strangest request baffled me. He had approached us and begged we imprison him in the purgatory of the Abyss, purging him from all worlds for eternity. He said that it was the only asylum suitable to contain him, as if he had no longer deserved the praise and worship he had earned. Him, one of the great divines! Imprisoned forever!
Despite how bizarre this request was, he BEGGED us out of clear necessity to do it. And yet, despite our devotion and obedience, he refused to tell us why. In his anguish, he said it was for our own sake.
Perhaps time just no longer had any meaning to him and he could see his own inevitable fate. He had seen something so horrific, and as best I could tell, so terrible that it made him fear himself. Something would drive him to do the unthinkable. If something could truly drive an immortal god to such despair, then there will be so very much to fear. The very world he had created would be at his mercy, and his wrath a terrible sight to behold.
On the tides of time, I could see the Valkyries returning to the world. My eyes dared to deceive me, but I could swore that our lord was leading them. While I should be over-joyed at a spark of hope for him, I am instead engulfed in dread. This may very well be the event that our lord feared. Even now, I can feel his cries making the earth beneath our feet tremble.
The time for the world... all worlds to be judged may very well be at hand. I am terrified at what it might bring. We will do our best to contain him, to save us all from his imminent wrath; and provided no foolish "hero" tries to plunder this fortress, we shall succeed...

...The last hope of the world is that there is no one foolish enough to be a hero... indeed we are doomed.

~Bahaalmotaad, Right-Hand of Fenrir, God of the Cosmos

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Re: Tyrath

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Not a complete biography.

Still needs how he got here, and what are the effects of this world on him. (Personality and the likes seem to already be covered outside the bio...)

Edit: Alright, bio is acceptable. Just make sure to note how strong he is in a little more detail. The general profile seems to give him that godly powerful feel when it shouldn't do that so much.

Edit 2: Profile approved!
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