Masayoshi Tsubasa

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Masayoshi Tsubasa

Post by agentaaa on Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:10 pm

Name: Masayoshi Tsubasa
Age: 18
Homeworld: Zakarien
Chosen God: none, for the moment
Chosen sandwich: Ham and cheese

(Include descriptions for the vaguely named weapons.)

  • Weapon 1
    Everice: Tsubasa's preferred weapon, this blade is actually made out of ever-frozen ice itself, and will quickly chill anything of fire, putting out flames when touching them, and freezing even lava flows. It is also a very sharp and sturdy blade with great enchantment, and works well with Tsubasa's lightning-based skills.

  • Weapon 2
    Glowing longsword: a side-weapon, this sword has some slight magical enchantment increasing it's sharpness and durability, but is most notable for the glowing aura of light around it, which shifts color to Tsubasa's preference. The sword can, once a day, also let off a brilliant and blinding flash of light to blind onlookers.


  • Ability 1
    Lightning/weather manipulation:
    Tsubasa's able to use weather-based abilities as a manifestation of his emotions, firing small bursts of static for a short distance, coating his blade in lightning, surrounding himself with mist, creating a bright flash of lightning to blind opponents, Creating the sound of thunder with his sword in order to leave them temporarily deaf, and sending off a small shock of lightning to everyone near him, leaving them in pain and unbalanced.
  • Ability 2
    Master swordsman:
    Tsubasa has a natural ability with the blade, and is able to fight just about anyone in single combat with a sword. Able to do seemingly impossible feats with a blade, his skills are second to none. However, Tsubasa is self-taught, and draws from no swordstyle as a result, simply using what seems natural to him.

  • Ability 3
    emotional power
    due to living near a source of magic his entire life, has given him the ability to actually increase his speed and strength with his emotional state. This ability is entirely unconscious, and can also be a double-edged sword. When filled with righteous anger or passion, or happiness, his powers are greatly amplified, however, if tsubasa is depressed or loses the will to fight, he will be unable to use his special abilities, and even his swordsmanship capabilities will be greatly reduced.

  • Ability 4
    Dragon breath: though it's still taxing to him, as a result of being a distant descendant of icingdeath the ice dragon, Tsubasa is able to breathe particles that freeze what they touch, one of his few abilities not dependent on his emotions. As well, this gives tsubasa some resistance to the cold and cold-based attacks. The freezing breath is nonetheless not easily done by tsubasa, and he needs rest time between uses.

  • Ability 5
    Razor edge: With a prayer to his god Tarvo, Tsubasa can temporarily increase the cutting force of his blade for roughly a minute at a time.

Special Ability:

has yet to earn

Tsubasa is a swordsman of the world Zakarien, serving the god Tarvo when he had existed there. Living near one of the life veins of Zakarien, he gained special powers, and soon put them to use as a hero of the realm. In one of his battles against a greater demon, the demon used a banishment spell to send him to the world of avalon.

An idealistic heroic type, Tsubasa is much less concerned about the war between the gods as he is in keeping those caught in the conflict from being harmed. He believes the war must end, but also understands that he has a lot to learn before he can entertain such idealistic notions. Still, he hopes that peace might one day reign in avalon, and puts his blade to that cause, and that cause alone.

The one deviation from the norm for Tsubasa is he is entirely unwilling to attack any dragon or creature of draconic blood, as it is one of the restrictions of worshipping Tarvo, the black dragon god. Tsubasa will only fight at great need, say, if his life is threatened, against a dragon, and much prefers to communicate to them instead, trying to use diplomacy instead of combat.

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Re: Masayoshi Tsubasa

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