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Name: Cortosis Leones
Age: 12
Homeworld(Station): SN-437
Chosen God: Chaos

Weapons: (Limit for beginners: 3)
Weapon 1
Hellfire blade: A blade made specially for demons, this weapon channels and strengthens itself with Cortosis' hellfire, allowing it to have the strength of some of the finest enchanted weapons, and cut through materials as if it were a blade pulled right out of the furnace, still glowing orange-hot
Weapon 2
Black spear: A powerful weapon infrequently used by cortosis, the black spear causes ice to form wherever it strikes, making nearly any deep strike potentially fatal as one's insides crystallize and freeze.

Abilities: (Limit for beginners: 2)

Ability 1
demonic empowerment: As a result of the demonic blood flowing through him, cortosis' regeneration and damage resistance are greatly increased, resulting in him being hard to kill.
Ability 2
Hellfire manipulation: Cortosis can use hellfire, flames that are green in color and burn incredibly hot, to harm his foes. Cortosis is immune to his own hellfire, but others who cross him will not be.

Special Ability:
An attack invented originally by the king of demons, the masenko is a powerful, charged blast of yellow energy that burns away anything in it's path. At his current level of strength, Cortosis can only fire the blast twice a day, but with such power behind the strikes, it's unlikely anyone will survive even one.

Biography: Biography: After the molten's betrayal and subsequent failure, the weakened demons were pushed back by the angelics of Azzinoth. Infuriated, they departed to a nearby planet, where one was killed and taken by a team of Humans occupying station SN-437, built earlier on by the terrus forerunners. These humans were obsessed with perfection, and decided that the easiest way to attain it would be to combine demon and human DNA. after several of their own religious rites were completed, a baby was given injections to give him this, their planned first experiment. Cortosis was that child, and grew rapidly, achieving adolescence in days. Cortosis was normally the most innocent child early on, until one day when he pricked his finger and smelled his own blood, the scent seeming almost intoxicating. Going into a frenzy, and using his newly discovered ability to use hellfire, Cortosis killed every man, woman and child on the facility. when he came out of his haze, contrary to being disgusted, Cortosis found he enjoyed what he had done, and "discovered" that his purpose for existence was simply to kill more people, and gain the ultimate high. He took a ship out to several different planets, the last one being his demonic progenitors home planet of Drakkarian, and
Was teleported by chaos to serve at her side through the war, right before he was to fight a young warrior named Abeiron. Serving at her side, Cortosis now brings his own unique brand of chaos to the battlefield, to her god's delight.

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