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Name: Freeman Armstrong
Demon Name: Araman
Age: 83
Homeworld: Unknown
Chosen God: Exitium


  • Glaciem-Argen
    A powerful, ice elemental sword designed specifically for demons of the same type. This sword is especially deadly with an intelligent user. Virtually indestructible, and a perfect sieve of power, this sword can be very useful.

  • Rubra-Ira
    A pair of red short swords, in the right hands, they can be quick, light, and devastatingly powerful. In the wrong hands, they're entirely useless...

  • Daemonica
    A long, very sturdy katana with which Araman uses the most. It is light, quick, and most importantly, lethal. As far as special characteristics, there are none to note.


  • Eternity's Shadow
    A small trick that Araman was capable of picking up from the Reapers of Death, this ability allows him to perfectly blend into the shadows, hiding his presence and power to a degree, or even create weaker shadowy forms of himself for defense. Though the range these shadows can travel is limited, in the right circumstances, it can prove decisive.

  • Artic Blitz
    Araman utilizes his element to envelope himself in an icy shell, nullifying some damage and proving capable of soaking up magic attacks as well. However, this limits his movement speed and increases his weight.

Special Ability: Demon of the North Winds

Araman is an ice demon, and thus is his favorite element. Though young and, relatively speaking, not so powerful, he is still a force to be reckoned with. When pushed to his limitations, he transforms his human host to something more comfortable, and, utilizing whatever powers he can muster, begins to assail his enemies with a variety of demonic black arts and techniques learned from his masters.

Unlocked Abilities:

  • Frozen Bane (High-speed attack utilizing the Glaciem to conjure ice copies of itself to flank the enemy.)
  • Doppleganger (Utilizing Eternity's Shadow, two stronger ice copies of Araman are created to fight alongside him.)


Araman is a demon. Araman is an incredibly young, know-it-all, and far too arrogant demon. He also happens to be right most of the time to boot, which doesn't help. For his age, Araman is, in demon years, incredibly young. The typical demon life expectancy in his world is around 500 years of age, due to the exceeding number of ironic murder cases in Hell, but a demon is actually immortal, and Araman is no exception.

Araman is your average demon: enjoyed tormenting damned souls, tricking the living to sin, killing, maiming, possessing, all of the typical amenities of a demonic lifestyle were his. However, this came at a cost. He is a slave, like many other demons, to the four horsemen and their ruling families. Specifically, Araman is an apprentice to one from these ruling families, and it is because of this that he is powerful, yet young, and has managed to live this long. After all, war between the families is common...

And then he appeared here. He doesn't remember how, why, where, or even when it happened, it just... did. The first thing he realized when he awoke was that he was in a black, dreary, deathly hollow of a castle, which, of course, was as good as home, but the problem was that it was not. He knew instantly that this place was different. No, not just different, beyond different. He soon realized it was an entirely different world, and that he was still a slave here as well, to the same Deathly figure...

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