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Post by Quantum Rain on Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:43 am

Name: Matthias Leon Thermidor
Age: 14
Homeworld: Anima Prime
Chosen God: Anima
(Normal): Audiomachine - Rising Dawn


  • Rose Talisman
    A rather small, rose shaped necklace of unknown origin, this rose allows Matt to more accurately focus and utilize his magic as he requires it. It is generally sturdy, capable of taking some direct strikes.

  • Nano-Armor
    An experimental armor devised by Dr. Reeds, it is an adaptive machine, capable of transforming to the user's situation as it too changes, and while not in use, it takes the form of a small, flat pad hooked to the user's belt. However, since the war has taken its toll on it, the device is ultimately only capable of soaking up light direct damage and impacts, while simultaneously dealing with energy surges of various sorts (IE light mystic, electrical, etc.) through relatively weakened power shields.


  • Barrier Manipulation
    Matthias lacks any offensively powerful magics, and therefore utilizes barriers to an extreme level. Manipulating the shapes, styles, and purposes of the barriers, he can, while unwilling to kill, avoid personal harm as well. These barriers tend to be stronger when condensed, and are protective against most offensive measures employed by the enemy.

  • White Magic
    While barriers is his main focus, Matt retains a reasonable knowledge of debuff and healing spells, should the need arise. Though unable to outright cure powerful poisons or lift curses, Matt can heal mild wounds, repair fractures, and limit or even eliminate certain detrimental effects caused by others.

Special Ability: Holy
A rare ability amongst white mages, this power has also been known to take on to the caster's persona, changing how it affects the enemy and ally alike based on who they are. Thus, no two white mages are the same in this instance.

  • Holy removes all debuffs from the caster.
  • Holy can undo the spells woven on undead in a medium radius around the caster, destroying said creatures.
  • Holy is capable of dealing substantial damage to "darkness" or "evil" assosciated entities, while little damage is dealt to "light" or "good" entities.


A 14 year old summoned by Anima for his skill at protecting the things most precious to him, Matt simply hates to kill and is fearful of what it may lead to. To fight to protect has always been his focus, not to damage or destroy. Despite this, though, the war severely strains this moral law to its limits as he finds himself constantly using more and more of his power to 'protect' what isn't actually that precious to him. He has already started to question this war, and, although willing to provide his assistance, he knows that his only way to return home is through the gods that summoned him here in the first place.

Matt can seem unusually 'older' at time, despite his young age. This is mostly due to the past he had to live. However, he is prone to the same childish behavior and personalities as any other being. He tends to act cheerful to those he knows, is friendly and welcoming, though he finds it hard to really trust others besides his only remaining family. He keeps his secrets tightly wrapped, and never fully reveals all that he knows, but normally, he isn't the type to hold to plans and schemes either.

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Re: Matthias

Post by agentaaa on Wed Mar 28, 2012 2:39 pm

How delicate is the rose talisman? can it take a few hits? does this differ depending on whether the attack is physical or magical?

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