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Name: Jaxe
Full name: Jaiex Furiael
Race: Demon(?)
Age: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Chosen God: None

(Normal) Epic Score - Prepare for the End
(Combat) Audiomachine - League of Darkness
(Shadow) Two Steps From Hell - Asimov


  • Black Star Scythe
    An ancient, runic weapon that, although aged, is far from fragile. This scythe is virtually unbreakable and lethal to the touch. Designed to take the souls of the dead, it can take the life of the living as well. It is capable of channeling energies for long-range attacks and AOE spells.

  • True Death Rune
    Originally a super-powered rune that provided nearly unlimited powers, its effects have been reduced drastically due to the foreign environment of Avalon, turning it into nothing more than a dispelling enchantment that eliminates foreign, unwanted enchantments.


  • Death's Sentence
    An AOE skill that eliminates most buffs on others surrounding Jaxe, such as personal barriers, mystic enhancements and the likes, though at the cost of his own as well.

  • Death's Abyss
    This ability is the power with which Jaxe utilizes to gain more strength in the field of death. He harvests the souls of the dead and, if they are deemed unfit for heaven or hell, are consumed. However, that was the normal case, for Jaxe, it is actually a choice. However, the limitation of this world forces him to consume the souls of those he kills or manipulates others to do so.

  • Arcanum Runic
    Jaxe has substantial knowledge in the ancient arcane arts of his world. These arts rely on symbols, or runes, to which rely on the intent of a person. The runes will draw themselves out according to the intelligence and mindset of the person utilizing their power. These runic spells are entirely based on your power, and can be mentally and physically draining if one has not mastered these arts.

Special Ability: Death's Shadow
A constantly evolving ability that utilizes all of Jaxe's collected powers in otherwise lethal combinations. This ability is actually a transformation ability, turning Jaxe into his true form. In this true form, Jaxe can use and conjure various magics, enhancements, and spells otherwise sealed to the masters of the ancient dark arts, and these magics improve with every power, item, or ability he gains.
Current Characteristics:

  • Shadow: (Jaxe takes less damage from attacks than before.)
  • Umbra: (Jaxe's magic power is increased due to the utilization of the True Death Rune's reserves.)
  • Afterlife: (Jaxe can utilize the souls he has gathered for short bursts of power.)


Known as the Horsemen of Death, Jaxe has also been called the Aspect of Death, Grim Reaper, or, more truthfully, Death itself. It is uncertain as to how this is entirely possible, however, it does not matter. Jaxe takes to being the smartest of his unsuspecting peers, always knowing more than he lets on, he remains five steps ahead of anyone playing the same chess game.

Jaxe, in his original world, was omnipotent, all-knowing, seemingly, and capable of predicting future events with stunning accuracy despite the uncertainty of the future. On top of this, he was responsible for the death of any living creature in his universe, judging them to be worthy of either heaven or hell, or in the worst of cases, to be consumed, his life was rather simplistic as the fourth and, arguably, greatest Demon Prince of Hell.

Then came the days when he would take all of his collective power and knowledge to manipulate time to his own fashions and schemes, resulting in events that no being could have predicted. With this newly fashioned future, Jaxe became ever more powerful, and his stance ever more gray and mysterious. Until the day when, attempting to retreat from an old, equally powerful enemy, his teleportation power misfired, or was, perhaps, manipulated to drop him and his champion to a foreign world, in a foreign universe, disconnected from the old, and unable to return back again due to an odd 'interference,' as he described it.

With no way home, no familiar face, and most of all, no real powers anymore, Jaxe had to think quickly, and calculatingly. He took the initiative to scout out the world, using what powers remained to him to be unseen. He knew he would need to regain his power, learn all he could, and then formulate a plan. He could not afford mishaps or sheer ignorance, and nor would he suffer from them. Though, he had to admit, this war was oddly different than what he was used to...

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