Wynn Astraea Thermidor

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Wynn Astraea Thermidor

Post by Wynn on Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:54 pm

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Name: Wynn Astraea Thermidor
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10''
Age: Refuses to speak about it. Appears to be between 16 and 18 based on appearance.
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Gray (Hint of blue?)
Homeworld: Refuses to speak about it.
Race: Is considered human. (Demon-angel offspring with no powers.)

  • Extremely resistant to the cold. This includes frost magic and frost-base attacks as well.

Although she has never told anyone, she actually likes a mountainous environment and climate. She also seems to enjoy being in the wilderness on her own. One thing that is plainly obvious, though, is she likes to be alone.

Wynn is far from a people person. She does not like people at all. In fact, when she accepts an assassination contract or orders, she prefers not too have it done face-to-face. She would prefer to communicate through dead drops. Further more, when she does have to speak to people, she is irritated by "stupid questions." She especially despises egotistical show-offs who brag about their skills or wealth. The one thing she hates most, however, is missing a target or failing a mission.

Wynn is a cold, standoffish loner. She distances herself from people. She tends to speak only when spoken to unless she has something important to say... and sometimes not even then. Her approach to things that irritate or upset her is often to distance herself from them or remove them from the situation entirely, if necessary. She has a callous unconcern for the feelings of others, and has a blatantly obvious disregard for social norms, rules, or obligations. She also has a low tolerance to frustration and an exceedingly low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence. She also exhibits persistent irritability. She also appears to have an inability to experience guilt at all.



  • Predator's Fang
    A hidden blade that has an engraved wolf emblem on it. It was originally specially-made for a previous assassin before her time. The blade is made of a very strong alloy and can even be used to block even the heaviest of melee blows, provided the user doesn't break under the force of the blow.

  • Astrum Longbow
    A long bow modified by Wynn, herself. The draw wieght on it is over a hundred thirty pounds and has great range among many bows. In the hands of a well-trained, disciplined, and patient marksman, it will never miss its mark.

  • Sufferfang
    A dagger with the bulk of the blade made of a very strong stainless steel. The sharp edges of the blade are actually made of solid diamond. It is extremely sharp, and extremely rarely needs to be resharpened

  • Double Bladed Staff/Dual Shortswords
    A staff with two stainless steel blades on either end that can be separated into two short swords.

Accessories and Other Equipment:

  • Tenebrous Robe
    While the robe itself may serve no purpose other than as clothing in everyday life, in shadows, it creates a
    darkness around its wearer, breaking up the shape of a human body, and making them harder to detect. This
    buff is retained as long as the wearer remains in darkness and does not make any aggressive movements. Attacking
    something will cause the dark shroud to falter.


  • Alchemical Purity
    Even in a strange environment, Wynn can learn to make use of many different supplies ranging from a poisonous plant, to an animal's bones, to create poisons to hamper or kill her enemies. She can also use the same skills to create potions to heal herself, or to bolster her senses or abilities.

  • Predator's Eye
    Has the sharpened eyesight of a predator. Can spot objects and people at distances many would have to use some form of magnification. Can see very well in darkness.

Special Ability:

  • Ex Luna
    As an assassin, Wynn is defined by speed, agility, and stealth. She can move at speeds that push the limit of a human body and can perform acrobatic maneuvers with finesse that many would consider impossible. She can move seamlessly through a crowd of people and just become another face in the pack. She is also skilled in the use of shadows for stealth. In darkness, she is a ghost. Many would not even be able to sense her unless they really focused in on her presence. In the regards of weapons, Wynn is skilled in short blades such as her hidden blade, daggers, and has some degree of skill with throwing knives. However, she shines brightest as a marksman. Deadly, and stunningly accurate with a bow.


Wynn is an assassin of both angelic and demonic descent. However, even with these bloodlines, she has absolutely no powers. While she is as vulnerable to physical harm and sickness as any human being, she does, at least, have the benefit of being immune to natural death.

It was apparent at an early age that Wynn had been deprived of any magical blessings when her father tried to teach her to use her non-existent powers. Even with all the encouragement her parents gave her, she could not so much as create a little light from her body. Despite her lack of power, she did show some great promise. Wynn had a natural talent for physical activity. While not very strong, she could run incredibly fast and had impressive agility and coordination.

After she had become a full-fledged assassin, she somehow ended up in a foreign universe. She had absolutely no knowledge of how or where she was beyond that there were factions warring around her, and she was caught in the middle of it.

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