The high seas Chapter 2

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The high seas Chapter 2

Post by Roach on Tue Mar 20, 2012 11:45 am

In our last sea bound adventure we sailed for the Crimea and Battled the Ottoman Empire's navy there. Finding a massive store of Treasure The task of searching for The Corsairs base of operations in Africa remains as does finding a way through the Turkish navy moored in Istanbul to break out of the black sea. The Year is 1744 and four weeks have passed since the Privateer flotilla seized the Ottomans hidden port in the Crimea With their ships Repaired and their Coffers full The Privateers are prepared for the Next Leg of their adventure.

Now the rules!

You shall need a ship and a swarthy crew if ye are to survive the high seas! You may create an era appropriate ship that is fourth rate class or below. i recommend using to find a vessel to use as your frame work for your ship. Id also recommend you Stick to frigate type vessels as we will mostly be fighting Corsairs with fast moving ships such as Xbecs brigs and Sloops. Our fourth Rate is our flag ship but it will be vulnerable to faster vessels while it brings great fire power it must be protected. Frigates serve well for privateers due to their great maneuverability and fire power.

You may bring any character you desire as long as they be human or easy to pass as one. You may not use weapons or armor that are not era appropriate you may not use any magic or force powers. You may only use your skill with blade and black powder weapons as well as tactics.

What is required

I need three captains and ships as well as my self. You must be able to listen to instructions. and you shall also need a character skilled with a blade and tactics as well as an under standing of fire arms. Also the ability to speak like a pirate is encourage but not required! Also please be sure to make you tell the nationality of your captain. Witch of course must be from a prevalent nation of the time. As we have lost SGOS and Trebor we need two replacement cpatains at least

Roach As: Captain Dimitri Roach of the Ship "Ataman's Bounty" (Russian)

Sir Noret as:Captain Karl Wichtoff of the ship "Luftstromen der Reichtum" (Austrian)

Please submit your ship in this format



Example Below.

"Ataman's Bounty"

Class: Former Russian Navy Fourth Rate.
Total Guns 63
Swivels : 6x1/2lb
Topdeck: 14x9lb
Upperdeck: 18x10lb
Gundeck: 22x20lb
Fore guns : 1x 64lb great gun (looted from the Turks this massive cannon is fixed onto a platform at the front of the vessel this modified cannons great range and devastating fire power are terrifying to behold.)
Aft guns : 2x18lb

The Ataman's bounty is a 64 gun fourth rate that was captured from the Russian black sea fleet by Barbary pirates and Ottoman Privateers. Now recaptured by the famous Russian Privateer captain Dimitri Roach it serves as the flag ship of the Cossack led privateer effort to destroy the Barbary corsairs ability to raid Russian shipping. Armed with heavy guns and modified by the Cossacks this ship is a new terror to Ottoman ships in the black sea.

Crew: 300
Top speed: 13 knots


Notable Vessels

Pyotr The Great

4xx 18lb chase guns
14x 12lb guns Quarter deck
32x 24lb guns gun deck
30x 32lb lower deck

Pyotr The great is a two decked 80 gun ship of the line that serves as the flag ship of the Russian Black sea fleet. It is the largest of the vessels serving in the Russian Black sea fleet the rest of the battle fleet consists of 74 gun ships of the line and smaller frigates Pyotr the Great was commissioned in 1742 and completed in early February 1743. It is commanded by Admiral Nikolia Zharkov a veteran sailor who has commanded many vessels in various wars throughout his life time.


SMS Austriae est imperare orbi universo

The Pride of the Austrian navy this vessel serves as the Austrian flag ship armed with 86 guns this three decked vessel is often mistaken for a much larger vessel.

2x 18lb chase guns
28x 12lb guns upper deck
28x 24lb guns gun deck
28x 32 lb guns lower deck


Sultan's Pride

the sultans Pride is an Ottoman ship carrying 106 guns it is the largest vessel in the black sea She commands the Ottoman black Sea fleet.

8x 8lb Chase cannons
8x 8lb guns quarter deck
30x 12lb gun upper deck
30x 18lb guns gun deck
28x 64lb guns lower deck

Sir Noret: "Men we sail for Crimea to slaughter the enemies of God, those ghastly Turks who seek to disrupt the operations of our glorious ally Russia. Set forth with God Speed!"

"Hard pressed on my right; center is yielding; impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent, I shall attack!" - Ferdinand Foch

"The secret of politics? Make a good treaty with Russia."
-Otto Von Bismarck

“God created war so that Americans would learn geography.”
― Mark Twain

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