Ragnarok Ketsugetsu

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Ragnarok Ketsugetsu

Post by Rangiku on Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:03 pm

Name: Ragnarok Ketsugetsu
Age: 15
Homeworld: Unknown
Chosen God: Exitius


  • Dual-End Sword
  • Chains


  • God-like Fire Manipulation- Ragnarok control over fire is on a Godly level. He can easily control the size and temperature without even thinking about it. His flames can reach temperatures as hot as 400 degrees Celsius. He is capable to control all fire in the area around him and create his own. He is able to fire off blasts of fire. His fire is just like Itachi's Amaterasu. They are black and inextinguishable and capable of following his targets around. He is able to coat his body and weapons in his fire to increase his damage output and his durability by using it as an armor.
  • God-Like Lightning Manipulation- Just like his fire, Ragnarok can control lightning as well. His lightning is as strong as a real bolt of lightning which is about 1 million volts of electricity. He can do all the same things that he can with his fire except the Amaterasu power. When he coats his body in lightning, he can increase his speed and how fast he attacks to where it is nothing but a blur. This is best scene in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Absorbing Power- Due to him being a Death Knight, he is able to absorb the life energy of others for his own use. He can replenish damage done to him and even increase/extend his own life force. He is capable of absorbing fire and lightning through either his hands or eating it. This will increase his own and restore his energy. To absorb something, he must make physical contact with said thing. The part of his body that he is using to absorb with will become covered in a black aura. It will cover his opponent on contact, but will dissipate from them when the contact is broken.

Ragnarok is about 7 feet and extremely built like a body builder. His hair is black with red highlights and tips. His wings are mainly black with the flap part red. They are 30 feet from tip to tip. His tail is black with the spots and spikes red. It is 10 feet long, whip-like, and capable of extending itself to 20 feet. His tattoo is red and he is a light brown color. His hands and feet are black with the clawed part red.
Ragnarok is often very intelligent and uses his abilities to get the best advantage of his opponents. Although he is often an angry person which does fuel his power, has the effect of clouding his better judgement and often causes him to act rash by doing things without thinking it through. He only likes to fight strong foes and his love of fighting is easily shown. He constantly trains to better himself. He can be very cold to others and often likes to just be left alone from the rest of the world. He is a strict physical tank and his durability is on God levels where fatal attacks would seem like a little scratch to him. He can easily take pain and often uses that to make him stronger. He just ignores the pain and wounds he suffer as if they weren't even there. His body when mixed with his fire or lightning can very well become as hard as steel. His strength is right up there with his durability. He can lift up to 50 tons with just his regular strength alone but when added with his 1 of his elements this is increased to 75, but with both its increased to 100 tons. His Endurance allows him to outlast many opponents. He doesn't get tired often. He is quite fast and gets even faster due to his lightning. He is a bloodthirsty warrior who can become quite psychotic during battle.
Ragnarok doesn't remember his life before Exitius. He does know that he is Half-Dragon and Half-Human. He became an extremely loyal servant to him because he saved Ragnarok from certain death after being found. Ragnarok had been left to die for some unknown reason, but thanks to Exitius he was allowed to live. He doesn't know about the demon inside of him. This demon is the 9 Tailed Fox. It is currently locked away and asleep inside of him. It has been inside of Ragnarok since he was in his mother's womb, but it is unknown how it got there. He fights only for Exitius and isn't really good at making friends. He is a reckless person and often leaves nothing but death, pain, and destruction wherever he goes. It is because of Exitius that he is what he is today.
Ragnarok carries no armor because his durability, strength, and endurance is all he needs. Plus he loves the feel of knowing that he's been hurt. He does carry 2 weapons of extreme destruction. The 1st is a huge dual-end sword. He carries it on his back and 1 side is half his height. He is able to disconnect them so that he holds a sword in each hand. The 2nd weapon is a chain style weapon. It has a blade on each end that has a handle to be held. They also have 3 1 foot spikes over the handles. Ragnarok often has the chain wrapped around his arms and the blades will be positioned on his forearm hanging down. This is similar to Wolverine except its on his forearm. The blade part is about 3 feet long. The chain is a full 10 feet long.

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Re: Ragnarok Ketsugetsu

Post by Quantum Rain on Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:00 am

Borderline overpowered. If you can decrease the strength of that third ability to where he can't just steal souls whenever he feels like, to generalize what I mean, then he would be just fine. If he can't, do please clarify the ability a bit more then.

Once you do this, then the profile is approved of and may be used whether I post again or not. Thank you.

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Re: Ragnarok Ketsugetsu

Post by agentaaa on Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:32 am

indeed. clarify how and when he can steal power. On contact would work out well enough.
tenuously approved, if I see a problem with it in RP I will require editing though.

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Re: Ragnarok Ketsugetsu

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