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Raal Deathwind

Post by agentaaa on Sat Dec 17, 2011 8:12 pm

Name: Raal Deathwind
Age: 48
Homeworld: Azeroth
Chosen god: Unaligned currently
Description: As a death knight of the horde, Raal's body is that of one of the dead knights of the kingdom of Azeroth(Stormwind). He normally wears a thick black cloak that hides this fact, though his red gleaming eyes are quite visible still. he's rarely seen off his skeletal horse, and wears the armor that his previous owner died in. other than a dent to the breastplate, the armor is still fine for the most part.

Jeweled truncheon: Serving as both a blunt weapon and an amplifier for his magical powers, this truncheon was given to Raal when he was created. so long as he uses this in conjunction with his magic, it's effects are increased
Warhammer: Though not skilled in it's use, Raal still possesses the warhammer the previous owner of his current body died with. If need be, he can use it, training with it for a few years, but is unlikely to be able to match the higher speeds of more warrior oriented fighters.

Death coil: an improved version of the original, Raal's death coil is a green bolt that fires from his hands, which seeks to steal the life from the creature it hits. the effects are similar to premature aging in essence, and anyone killed by this ability begins to rot almost as soon as he hits the ground, feeling the effects of rapid decomposition, and is reduced to bone in hours. How hard the bolt hits a given target depends on their own durability and strength.
Unholy siphon: By grabbing onto a person, Raal can siphon their energies, replenishing his own, and will restore his magical power as well, eventually at the expense of the unfortunate person's life.
Death and decay: Raal's most powerful spell, this spell requires Raal's expert concentration. Thrusting his truncheon out, he causes everything within eighty feet of the direction he's pointing to wither and decay. For instance, a rose withers and drys, while a person would slowly die of lack of blood. This spell requires Raal's expert concentration
Shadow magic: Raal can use black energy to other, simpler ends, so long as he has the time to concentrate, as well as firing shadow bolts.
Whirlwind: Raal can concentrate his energies to create a whirlwind from which enemies will have difficulty escaping from. this whirlwind has the dual effect of trapping his foes and buffeting them with strong slices of air
Haste: Raal can, with some time, temporarily increase the speed of a chosen ally(Or opponent, I suppose) by roughly double their normal speed. This is draining to do, however. Raal cannot cast this for himself.
Raise dead: Raal can create skeletal servants for himself from dead corpses, and direct them against his foes. having years to perfect his art, these dead have some agility and ability, and can fight with weapons almost as well as they could in life, but at the moment Raal can only maintain a few at a time.

Raal was one of the death knights with Ner'zhul when he escaped the collapse of draenor, and to his knowledge the only one who managed to escape Kel'thuzad's clutches. Wandering the twisting nether for what seemed like a decade, Raal found himself in avalon and quickly learned of the four gods. Raal cautiously stepped into this world, without goal or purpose, but with optimism that it couldn't possibly be worse than what he left behind...
Raal is a death knight, an orcish warlock's spirit imbued into the body of a human knight. riding his skeletal steed, he is quite vindictive and arrogant, confident in his powers. however, this new world has diminished that confidence somewhat, and he knows very well, after recent encounters, that his power certainly does not make him invincible.

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