Rules on multiple campaigns

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Rules on multiple campaigns

Post by agentaaa on Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:23 am

There will be several people here making campaigns for heroes to go through, and many people will likely wish to join more than just one. However, the gains one gets in these different campaigns are another matter, due to the fact that somebody suddenly getting a gigantic enchanted sword in one campaign would look odd if it magically transferred to a different one where one is currently fighting a bunch of zombies. therefore, some rules on transferral between campaigns:
1. For the sake of simplicity, exp and gold will transfer between freely, more due to it being troublesome for something different to be added in instead than anything else
2. items gained in one campaign will not be transferred into a different campaign unless:
A. a large break in the action(several days) is made, allowing time for the other quest to happen, allowing it to transfer over, or
B. if the campaign is being newly started, allowing you to take all your current gear into the new campaign
In other words, if one is in 2 campaigns at once, unless a break in the action occurs, you cannot use the epic sword you got in one campaign in the other one, for instance.
C. Abilities, unless they're gained as a result of items in the campaign or use said items(which causes them to follow rule b) will not be learned mid-encounter, but will transfer over as soon as you are no longer in an enemy encounter.

hope this is simple enough everyone will understand, and have fun playing!

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