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Post by agentaaa on Tue Sep 20, 2011 4:36 am

Feared space pirate. Conqueror of dozens of worlds. Tactical leader of the space pirates. I am the great Kress the devourer. All titles I richly deserve. I began like any other of my species, as a young kraid on my world. They all talked about taking over parts of worlds, our role as the conquerors of the galaxy, and the impotence of the federation's attempts to stop us. They told me I would even end up taking over an entire planet, if I was lucky.
It wasn't enough for me. I took world after world, before running into the race known as the zebesians. Broken, depressed, zebesians. I then instilled life, purpose into them... Under my control, that is. We conquered many worlds, and I was always at the head of the carnage, killing all that stood in my path.
I love the remarks I got from those "morally good" people in my way.
"Don't you feel guilt for your actions?" Is one of my favorites. The weak are eaten by the strong. It is the order of things. Prey gets killed by predator, who gets killed by a larger one. The only difference between us and simpler animals is we can do it better. Anyone who goes against that natural balance is a fool. Not to mention dead, as I take a specific interest in those fools. I enjoy dismembering them limb by limb....
my favorite, though, has always been "God will punish you.". God, really? I have killed countless people, led women and children to the slaughter, set fire to cities. Sometimes, I have killed people not to conquer, but simply to amuse me. I conquer world after world, and rule them with an iron fist. Not once have I seen the least bit of judgement against me for my actions. If there is a god, why am I allowed to exist, and become the worst scourge in the galaxy?
There's really only two possibilities then, both of which are bad for you.
Either there is no god, no all-powerful force in the universe, and thus no-one to save you people from me.
Or there IS a god, and he likes me better than you.

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