real talent or not ?

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real talent or not ?

Post by blue on Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:34 pm

People always tell me how lucky I am to be so multi-talented. They seem to disregard how hard I worked and how much practice it took to get to where I am.

"oh, you're lucky to be born with such talent" is what i was told today. -_-

no, it wasn't talent... I just never gave up on what i wanted.

Sure, I'm open to the possibility that there's such a thing as talent. Inborn potential for doing something better than people who don't have that inborn potential. However, talent is at most a potential, not a developed gift. Even talented people have to do the work and learn the skills before they can achieve anything.

Nobody knows whether you have talent until it manifests itself. You don't know; I don't know; your friends don't know; your teachers don't know. All you can do is work and see what comes out.

When it comes to writing, The first stuff you write probably won't be good. I was once told we all have 10,000 lousy pages inside of us and we have to write those pages before we can see if there's any good stuff underneath. I believe that more than I believe in talent.

So don't jump to conclusions about whether you have the potential or talent to be do something. Nobody knows until you've given it a try, So get to work.

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Re: real talent or not ?

Post by NemesisQ on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:32 pm

Do you know what separates a genius from an ordinary person ?
Physical strength and technique can be learnt through training and effort, and can also be relayed to others. But the existence of things that cannot be relayed with words or action is what people cannot understand. Sensibility, you could say the concept that is known to a genius, to sense, and understand. This sense is different for everybody, like a bird's song, is a way to express the impossible concept to people, something that cannot be said in words. The inner world only seen by a genius, is a way to describe it.

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