life is a magic if you don't limit your mind on a point

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life is a magic if you don't limit your mind on a point

Post by blue on Mon Aug 29, 2011 2:28 pm

have you ever thought about what are you bound by? chors? work? children? relationship? family? environment? sex? money? desire? ambition? inferiority? despression? stupidity? boredom? age? sexuality? social status? appearance? health? love? mind? doubt this is can be listed in a long list considering about the detail of every single person. and indeed it isn't that logical classification. what i would say here is everyone has some problem in his/her life, more or less, soonger or later. hmm, sounds negtive. yes, in sight of problem our life is made by many problems, but if you don't limit your mind on this point you'll see some magic will be breeded from these problems......

in fact all of things listed above can be summary in one word: it's Mind. generally mind for us is alike mirage, but more powerful and most of our actions is the consequence of it. it's so tight to bind us moving in a certain area and we can't realize it well. the moment when we feel pressed much can be a moment to break down some wall of the mind, the need for many things can be the exit out of the mind, the wish to finding something interesting can be the light through the darkness and love can be the power to collapse the iron grip of the mind. indeed, everything can be used as a useful tool to free the mind to new dimension, if we let it work.

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