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-Image created by me from scratch

Name: Wynn Marie Thermidor
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10''
Age: Refuses to speak about it. Appears to be between 16 and 18 based on appearance.
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Gray (Hint of blue?)
Homeworld: Refuses to speak about it.
Race: Is considered human. (Demon-angel offspring with no powers.)

Although she has never told anyone, she actually likes a mountainous environment and climate. She also seems to enjoy being in the wilderness on her own. One thing that is plainly obvious, though, is she likes to be alone.

Wynn is far from a people person. She does not like people at all. In fact, when she accepts an assassination contract or orders, she prefers not too have it done face-to-face. She would prefer to communicate through dead drops. Further more, when she does have to speak to people, she is irritated by "stupid questions." She especially despises egotistical show-offs who brag about their skills or wealth. The one thing she hates most, however, is missing a target or failing a mission.

Wynn is a cold, standoffish loner. She distances herself from people. She tends to speak only when spoken to unless she has something important to say... and sometimes not even then. Her approach to things that irritate or upset her is often to distance herself from them or remove them from the situation entirely, if necessary. She has a callous unconcern for the feelings of others, and has a blatantly obvious disregard for social norms, rules, or obligations. She also has a low tolerance to frustration and an exceedingly low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence. She also exhibits persistent irritability. She also appears to have an inability to experience guilt at all.


-Predator's Fang
A hidden blade that has an engraved wolf emblem on it. It has an enchantment on it that seems to have evolved from a previous state. It can now sap some of the knowledge of those it comes into contact with, gaining additional enchantments. In this way, the weapon "learns" new enchantments that can be used.

  • Edged Tome
    Can gain additional enchantments by absorbing knowledge from entities it comes into contact with.

-Astrum Longbow
A long bow modified by Wynn, herself. The draw wieght on it is over a hundred thirty pounds and has great range among many bows. In the hands of a well-trained, disciplined, and patient marksman, it will never miss its mark.


-Alchemical Purity
=Even in a strange environment, Wynn can learn to make use of many different supplies ranging from a poisonous plant, to an animal's bones, to create poisons to hamper or kill her enemies. She can also use the same skills to create potions to heal herself, or to bolster her senses or abilities.

-Hunter Eye
=Has the sharpened eyesight of a predator. Can spot objects and people at distances many would have to use some form of magnification.

Special Ability:

-"Ex Luna"
=As an assassin, Wynn is defined by speed, agility, and stealth. She can move at speeds that push the limit of a human body and can perform acrobatic maneuvers with finesse that many would consider impossible. She can move seamlessly through a crowd of people and just become another face in the pack. She is also skilled in the use of shadows for stealth. In darkness, she is a ghost in the dark. Many would not even be able to sense her unless they really focused in on her presence. In the regards of weapons, Wynn is skilled in short blades such as her hidden blade, daggers, and has some degree of skill with throwing knives. However, she shines brightest as a marksman. Deadly, and stunningly accurate.

Wynn is the offspring of a demon girl named Aysel May and a demon-angel half-ling named Daniel Thermidor. From a very young age, it was apparent that she had a mixed blessing: she had none of the benefits of either lineage. At first, it can be considered a curse since she is simply not capable in magic arts in any form, but a blessing because she can not be sensed out like an angel or a demon. This is went a long way in keeping her safe, because her parents were both almost always being hunted by their enemies.

At the age of five, after she started going to school, her father took her to a curious fortress that had white-robed men and women on the walls. It was here she was introduced to the assassin order, that she had entry into by her birthright as an assassin's offspring.

At school, Wynn was a social pariah for her hypomelanic albinism. She was made fun of for simply being different. She did, however, manage to make a few friends that actually thought it was "cool." At the assassin order, she was treated like any other student. None of the other recruits made fun of her in any way. They didn't even acknowledge the fact she was different. She trained at what she knew as "assassin school" at the time, and was happier there than she was at school.

As she got older, Wynn began to distance herself more from people in school, and became closer to her friends in the Assassin Guild. At age 10, she met a girl named Shareynna, who would be her closest friend. By befriending her, she was introduced to a boy named James and a wise, old assassin named Ross. They stayed friends for years to come since that day.

Sometime in her high school years, she began to have mixed views from the other kids. Some still pushed her away for being different, while others accepted her. Some boys even began to notice her natural beauty, and attempted to "go steady" with her. However, with her training, she had a habit of laying those boys out on the ground. She even gained a bit of a reputation among the teachers as someone who would often beat up anyone who got on her nerves too much.

Some time passed and she was given her first real test as an assassin. They warned her it would be difficult, but told her that it would be necessary. A criminal was brought in to be executed, and Wynn was to perform the right. Unlike many other organizations of assassins, this guild gave the recruits a choice: to perform the act, or if they can not perform the action, to try again later. They would be expected, however, to still contribute in some way. Wynn took a dagger and plunged the blade into the outlaw's neck. She walked away surprisingly calmly, almost unsettlingly so. When inquired about how she felt about it, she responded non-chalantly "I dont know, normal, I guess."

Some time later, Shareynna was given the same right, and felt far more guilty over the ordeal. She couldnt sleep for nights, and asked Wynn for advice. Advice she did not have. She couldnt even empathize with her friend.

Some time beyond that, and Wynn and Shareynna began to cooperate on all their contracts. They always had each others' backs and never failed to hit their targets. Within this time, her father vanished. Her mother was crushed by the situation and simply told her that he would not be around any more. She interpreted this as he had just left them, when in reality, he had perished in a battle with a coming harbinger of destruction.

Soon after her father's death, all hell erupted. Xaldius, escaped from the void and began an onslaught that bathed the world in fire. When the chaos reached her side of the world, she had been in school, and blacked out at some point. When she woke up, the school was in ruins. She got up and walked away, almost as if she were oblivious to the dead around her. As she left, she noticed one of the people that had made fun of her throughout the years. He was pinned under a beam in a small puddle of gas that had leaked out of the school's pipeline. A sparking power cable hung precariously over the gas. He tried to press the beam off of him and noticed Wynn standing there. He reached out to her and begged her to help him. She stood and thought about the situation. To his pleas for help, she simply replied, "Sorry, cant help you." and left him as the sparks ignited the gas.

She hadn't realized the scope of the destruction at the time, but she returned home to see it destroyed. No one was inside, and the house was just ravaged. She ran out, scared because she could not find her mother. She panicked and ran to find her. She would find her, but not in the way she had hoped. She was lying on the ground dead, her spear in hand. Wynn sat there next to her mother and cried for a long time before her friends found her. Shareynna pulled Wynn away while Ross and James carred her mother's body. They intended to give her a proper burial.

After the funeral that they held for all their families who had died in the catastrophe, they held up inside a warehouse and made a fortress out of it. As the years went by, so did the destruction. People continued to die, and the world looked more and more barren and crimson with fire and smoke. Under all the stress, Wynn began to lose her grip. She began having thoughts of suicide.

Some time after the original catastrophe, Xaldius returned, knowing that a rather great number of people had survived his minions' constant onslaught. He returned to finish the job. Briefly, Wynn, Shareynna, James, and Ross fought back but lost ground only seconds into the battle. They retreated back into the city and hid in their warehouse. Somehow, they manged to ride it out. When they returned to the surface, the inevitability of doom finally set in. Wynn made a decision to end all the misery. In a short time, her only friends lie dead in the warehouse by her hand.

Death returned to this desolate city, surprised that there were souls to collect at all here. The place was destroyed, everyone was dead, yet here he was collecting three more souls. He entered the warehouse and found the bodies. One of which was holding a gun. A trail of blood led from near him into a back room. The reaper quickly collected the souls and followed the trail. There, he found Wynn knelt down on the floor holding a dagger. She was crying and babbling that she was sorry it had to come to this.

As she raised the dagger and put the blade on her wrist, Death stopped her. In a brief exchange, of words, he was not only able to talk her out of killing herself, but also into going back to undo the chaos that had unfolded. He sent her back long before the Apocalypse began. There she would change the events of history.

In the past, she worked for an earlier Death as one of his personal reapers. Through assassination and espionage, she was able to change the course of history. She influenced the earlier versions of her parents and pit them against the destructive Aspect of Xaldius. At the time, they believed this black knight to be the destroyer that had destroyed the future, but Xaldius' servant dragon revealed himself shortly after his master's death. He took a brief moment to tell them that they had made a grave error in fighting his Aspect, that he was the true Xaldius they so greatly sought to destroy.

In a later stage of the war against the true Xaldius, Wynn was mortally wounded. Her soul left her body and Death gave her a choice: to accept death and move on to Heaven, or to remain and fight. She didnt hesitate in saying she wanted to stay and fight. Death could not allow her to return immediately. He sent her soul to a world beyond the one she had lived in.

She woke up in a strange world in a daze, and with very limited memory of where she had come from. This is where we find her now...

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Approved. I look forward to seeing you RP with this character.

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