Angus and company vs. the zerg

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Angus and company vs. the zerg Empty Angus and company vs. the zerg

Post by Angusm3 on Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:31 pm

"Hey, more stuff to kill!" shouted Hayle "Yes, at least our temporary unlock will not be thrown to the wind..." whispered Skaer as he raised his arm and several hundred creatures were thrown to the sides, "walk with me brothers" Angus was finally becoming more useful "Perhaps I could overtake Skaer soon" "You could, someday" he heard in his head, it was the voice of Skaer. Angus slashed through several of the fiends "Should we really be killing these things?" he said, as he made elaborate motions with the hand he was holding his sword in, resulting in many more dead in front of him. "Maybe they're Chaos forces" Hayle ignored this and merely sought to kill as many as he could, "This is for my kingdom!" he roared as he flew into battle, both his swords overwhelming and enveloping everything that he could reach with his wide arced swings and accurate stabs. One particular beast looked resoundingly similar to one of his friends, no. He was sure, the face was the same as his old master, the one who had taught him. "Sir..." His old master, desecrated now, and taken of a brown hue with his flesh ripped apart struck toward Hayle with impossible strength. "Sir it's me! It's Hayle... You are lost..." As another blow came down toward Hayle, A strike that would surely seal his doom, he raised Erebus, it's blade seeming to glow a bright red and burning hellfire emenating from it. The beast's sword clattered with his, producing a noise that would have sounded like two trains colliding in a different day and age. "I will have to kill all of you!" he growled through clenched teeth as he pushed his foes blade up, surprised by this strength Hayle was given more time to react. He used it to kick it squarely in the gut and bring Elysium up through it's head.
All the while Oresia was spraying fire from his hands, turning them to ash and cinders before a single one could reach him. Skaer could be seen overhead. The sun could be seen behind him, the bloom enveloping his body slightly, he looked calm. As if nothing in the world could disturb him, but it did. When a massive fleshy beast tried to swat him out of the air, he reacted by releasing a blast toward it that left a crater thirty metres wide and several of it's comrades dead. Angus looked up, just before the massive explosion hit in front of him. It felt like falling off a horse. The wind was knocked out of him, and he was thrown back several feet before landing on soft ground. "We've handled worse..." he thought as he got back to his feet and began slashing with deadly accuracy and berserker rage once again.


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Angus and company vs. the zerg Empty Re: Angus and company vs. the zerg

Post by agentaaa on Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:17 am


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