tsk....some mothers do have em....

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tsk....some mothers do have em....

Post by blue on Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:30 pm

A chippy 1 was on the top floor of his building when he remembered that he had left his hand saw at the bottom level where his apprentice was, so he mimed to his apprentice to get it for him by pointing to his 'eye' 2 then his 'knee' 3 and then made sawing motions with his hands to indicate 'handsaw'. His apprentice then whipped his pants down and started tossing his lollies 4. The builder was outraged and ran down to his apprentice and asked WTF ARE YOU DOING? I asked you to get my handsaw you bloody tosser!!! His apprentice replied, I know sir, I was just letting you know I was coming.....

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