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Post by Lord of the Night on Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:31 pm

A Song of Ice and Fire
Dark Eldar
Dresden Files

Name: Asdrubael Vect
Age: Somewhere around 9,000 years
Height: Somewhere around 7-8ft.
Eye Color: Void-black
Hair Color: Void-black
Rank: Supreme Overlord of Commorragh
Weapons: Sceptre of the Dark City. A staff of office with sophisticated built-in pain inducers that can pierce armor.
Obsidian Orbs. Advanced pieces of soul-tech that when used wound enemies and use their pain to nourish Vect back to health, healing him of any wounds he may have suffered.
Biography: Vect began life as a lowly slave and declared he would rule all of Commorragh one day. Forming the Kabal of the Black Heart, the very first true Kabal, he engineered a scheme to usurp the nobility and take over. Capturing a Space Marine Strike Cruiser he brought it to Commorragh to garner a violent response, the Astartes invaded Commorragh to rescue their brothers and in the chaos the three noble lords of Commorragh, Archons Xelian, Kraillach and Yllithian were all murdered. Since then Vect has ruled the Dark City with an iron fist, but now his reign shows signs of weakening. If Vect falls, the Dark City will burn.

Name: Aurelia Malys
Age: Less then 1,000
Height: Somewhere around 7-8ft tall
Eye Color: Cyan
Hair Color: Black
Rank: Archon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue
Weapons: The Lady's Blade, a sentient and bloodthirsty blade that allows Lady Malys to make multiple attacks in a smaller amount of time.
The Crystal Heart, the trans-dimensional being's heart that beats in Lady Malys's breast makes her completely immune to psychic and magical effects.
Biography: Lady Aurelia Malys is the only Archon that has matched Asdrubael Vect time and time again. Her incredible byzantine mind makes her one of the greatest minds of the Dark City. Once a consort and lover to Vect he eventually tired of her and had her banished from his court, flying into a rage Malys took her Kabal into the webway to plot. In the webway's depths Malys came across a being of pure light that engaged her in a contest of wills, which she surprisingly succeeded at. The being vanished, leaving only its heart behind which Malys took and replaced her own with it. Through her rise back to the top Malys did not smile once, but when she is sure she is alone Malys will stare into her own reflecting, grinning, then giggling, then bursting into seizures of laughter that seem to come from two throats at once.

Picture: http://imashimethedaemon.deviantart.com/art/Lelith-Hesperax-214880317
Name: Lelith Hesperax
Age: Unknown
Height: Somewhere between 7-8ft tall
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Auburn
Rank: Succubus of the Wych Cult of Strife
Weapon: Wicked blades, barbed hair, razor wych-suit.
Biography: Lelith is the undisputed champion of the Commorragh arenas. Her form is grace embodied, each movement is sensuous, hypnotic and spell-binding. To see Lelith go about her bloody business is an honor that only the wealthiest Dark Eldar, or the unluckiest of foes, ever get to see. Lelith is the only Wych who does not use combat drugs, indeed she needs nothing more than two simple blades to dispatch her enemies, and despite not using the speed enhancing stimulants so prevailent in the arenas, she has not a single scar on her perfect milk white skin. Though many rumours about her skill are raised the truth if very simple, she is a born predator. And like all predators, Lelith prefers to fight up close.

Picture: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/images/5/53/UrienRakarth.jpg
Name: Urien Rakarth
Age: Unknown, ancient.
Height: Over 8ft tall
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Bone white
Rank: Master Haemonculus of the Coven of the Prophets of Flesh
Weapon: Ichor Gauntlet, a horrific weapon that injects ichor from Rakarth's body into its victims, producing truly disgusting results.
Biography: Urien Rakarth is the senior Haemonculus of Commorragh. Twisted beyond mortal comprehension Rakarth has such a mastery of the arts of pain that despite dying several times throughout his life, has managed to resurrect himself each time. Having transcended the political games of Commorragh, Rakarth exists solely to indulge in depravity. Though Rakarth is functionally immortal something has corrupted the process, and with each rebirth he is born with a vestigial limb from his previous life. Rakarth boasts many limbs from the hump on his back, some atrophied and wasted away that exist solely to beckon at his foes, and some stripped, silvered and re-strung as fully functional weapons. His face must be strapped onto his skull and compound spines lurch from his back to form a being who is, quite possibly, the most depraved creature in existence.

Picture: http://www.thediceabide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Kheradruak.jpg
Name: Kheradruahk (Translates literally as He Who Hunts Heads)
Age: Unknown, ancient
Height: Unknown
Eye Color: No Eyes
Hair Color: Bone white
Rank: Unknown, assumed to hold dominance over all Mandrakes but has never been seen to lead them. Only known that all Mandrakes respect him.
Weapon: The Decapitator, a large power blade that can cut heads silently and always in one stroke, even carving through gorgets and helmets.
Biography: Little is known about Kheradruahk, the figure that haunts the alleys and spars of Commorragh. He is a figure of stark terror that can appear from the smallest shadow and take heads without making a single sound. The very few who have observed him before their deaths would see that he has empty sockets in place of eyes and an extra set of taloned arms, though some unknown means. He cannot be hired, but has been known to bolster realspace raids unbidden, merely appearing to take a single skull of his choosing before disappearing as quickly as he arrived. At his inner sanctum he will inspect the skull, sitting like a grotesque insect on a pile of skulls while surrounded by a hemispherical sanctum filled with skulls. If he is dissatisfied with his prize he will toss the skull to the floor to join the other failures, and leave to hunt fresh prey. But if the skull meets Kheradruahk's needs he will gently place it into a niche on the walls. Barely one skull a decade passes muster and yet the chamber is nearly filled, and saturated in dark power. Some of his disciples believe that when a critical mass is achieved, the glare of the skulls will bore open a hole into the dimension beyond shadows, and the creatures within will stare back. The darkness will gather and engulf Commorragh, and then the Dark City and its denizens will dance to the Decapitator's tune.

Picture: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-ZSZiCbolI1Y/Te9Mo1zQAlI/AAAAAAAABJg/TOJ17OoW9qg/s1600/Baron+Sathonyx.bmp
Name: Baron Sathonyx
Age: Unknown
Height: Somewhere between 7-8ft tall
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: White
Rank: Helfather, Lord of the Middle Dark, The Lord Hellion
Biography: Baron Sathonyx is a mysterious figure in the underbelly of Commorragh, he is an icon to the dispossessed and the Hellion gangs that serve him. It is whispered that not a single Hellion gang goes to war without the Baron's blessing. Once a noble in the Slashed Eye Kabal Sathonyx was punished for bringing an Eldar Farseer into court, a fine prize but too dangerous to risk. Banished by Archon Cythrax into the bowels of Commorragh, Sathonyx slew his captors and fled. No bounty hunter, mercenary or bloodhound could track him. Even the elite Trueborn who carved a red path through the Dark City to find him could catch him. Gathering to him an army of the exiles, dispossessed and rebels Sathonyx launched a year-long campaign that brought the house of Cythrax to its knees. To this day none but he knows his darkest secret. His coat is lined with the bones of the Farseer that began his downfall, and by scattering them in blood Sathonyx can see dimly into the future, allowing him to be forever one step ahead of his foes. Now he is the devil you know, for with Sathonyx in command the Hellion gangs can be reasoned with, but what the Archon's will never admit is that many of the new Archons to seize power once belonged to Sathonyx's gangs. The Baron sees all, and perhaps he is right.

Name: Traevelliath Slicus
Age: Unknown
Height: Somewhere between 7-8ft tall
Eye Color: Amethyst
Hair Color: Black
Rank: Duke of the Sky Serpents
Weapons: The Serpent's Bite, Duke Sliscus fights with twin venom blades that exude a virulent cocktail of poisons that can ravage bodies far faster than any common toxin, even damaging armor.
Contraband, Sliscus has unparalleled access to intoxicants from all over the galaxy, one of two reasons he is extremely popular with Wych cults.
Biography: Pirates are as varied as the planets they prey on, some have codes of honor and some do not. But the most capricious of them all is Duke Traevelliath Sliscus, the Serpent. He has no qualms about endangering every ship in his flotilla to destroy an enemy in style, for nobody remembers those who play it safe. Sliscus is unpredictable, named the Serpent for his ability to change from smiling libertine to psychotic murderer in a moment. His actions are bizarre, dining on poison food to build up his immunity to toxins, having his now translucent skin scrubbed by his concubines every time he shares air with a lesser race, never wearing the same outfit twice,and when in a pensive mood, carving epic poems into the flesh of his captives. He was once described by Lady Malys as "amoral, despicable and impeccably dressed into the bargain." One of his famous actions was to parley with a human governor who pleaded for clemency, only to have every one of the planetary hive's noblemen put to death when the envoy mispronounced his name. Above all the Duke cherishes the look of despair in his victim's faces when they realize he is without mercy, he does very much, as his admirers put it, love to play with his food.

Picture: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_RfD80Ww88ew/TLyTLvNxlBI/AAAAAAAAAlI/MjZhu-3u6qo/s1600/a012G8KGP.jpg
Name: Drazhar (Ceremonial name meaning Living Sword, real name is unknown.)
Age: Unknown
Height: Over 8ft tall, tall even by Eldar standards.
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Rank: Executioner of the Incubi
Weapon: Ancient Incubus Warsuit, demiklaives.
Biography: One of the true mysteries of Commorragh is the being known as Drazhar. First appearing when he entered the Great Shrine of the Incubi unannounced, cutting down anyone foolish enough to bar his way, clad in the segmented armor of an Incubus elite. Challenging the Hierarch of the temple the fight was bloody and brief, Drazhar emerging victorious. By rights he could have claimed the throne but Drazhar merely cleaned his blade and bowed. None had ever seen him before, nor heard of his ancient battlegear. Some whisper that he is Arhra, the fabled Fallen Phoenix and Dark Father of the Incubi, and some say that his armor is filled with bone dust. What was quickly confirmed that was no matter how skilled the challenger, Drazhar bested them all. To honor him the position of Executioner was created solely for him, the champion of the Incubi Order. Drazhar has never once removed his helmet, not to speak, eat or sleep. Indeed he has never eaten or slept since his dramatic appearance. The most that can be expected conversation-wise is a slight nod or tilt of the head, and only the most senior Incubi or the most challenging foes are granted this scant courtesy. With the uncanny ability to carve through his enemies like lightning to reach his true target, one chosen by Drazhar should commend himself to his gods, for he has only seconds left to live.

Name: Marquis Vaulkhere
Age: Unknown
Height: Over 8ft tall
Eye Color: Dark black with bright blue veins
Hair Color: White with blue streaks
Rank: Archon of the Kabal of Lords of Iron Thorn, Wearer of the Ironthorn Crown.
Weapon: The Thorn Blade, a horrifically sharp blade that locks into what it hits and tears with a serrated force that can lock and rip in a mere second. It does not impede the Marquis as he hacks and slashes through his enemies like a berserker.
Biography: Marquis Vaulkhere is the most recent to wear the Ironthorn crown, a towering and bombastic lotus-fiend who spends only a few minutes every cycle in his right mind. The Marquis practically bleeds an aura of faded grandeur, but woe betide any who criticise his leadership, for under his velvet façade of sophistication lurks an unholy terror just waiting for an excuse to maim and kill.

Name: Vhane Kyharc
Age: Unknown
Height: Somewhere between 7-8ft tall
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Black with white tips
Rank: Archon of the Black Myriad
Biography: Vhane Kyharc is the current Archon of the Kabal of the Black Myriad following the assassination of the Kabal’s founder Archon Vhloriac at the hands of Aestra Khromys. Vhane Kyharc is a narcissist even among Dark Eldar standards, forcing the entire Trueborn population of the Tier-Nodal Spires to have their faces surgically altered to resemble his own, justifying that it would confound assassination attempts. Soon the rest of the Kabal of the Black Myriad was similarly forced to wear stylised masks of Vhane’s face, the height of his vanity was shown when he unleashed a doppelganger virus upon Phlogiston VI causing every living creature to have their features reshaped in his likeness.

Name: Aestra Khromys
Age: Unknown
Height: Somewhere between 7-8ft tall
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Rose Red
Rank: Archon of the Obsidian Rose, Queen of Splinters
Weapon: The Red Splinter, a highly enhanced splinter rifle that shoots extremely virulent toxins but can also track its target using incredibly rare soul-seeker rounds.
Biography: Aestra Khromys was originally a member of the Kabal of the Black Myriad, she was enslaved and placed in a munitions factory for her refusal to bow down and kiss the hand of the Kabal’s founder Archon Vhloriac. Unlike most Dark Eldar exiled to such a place Aestra wasn’t driven insane by the monotony of the task and instead focused her attentions on creating weapons of such superior quality, that her overseers couldn’t fail to notice the skill of her craft. Eventually she was purchased by the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose and given her own workshop and from there she placed her master plan into fruition, creating all manner of innocuous and concealable weapons ready for her audience with Archon Vhloriac. The element of surprise coupled with the mysterious failure of the Archon’s Court weaponry gave her an easy assassination that propelled her to leadership of the Obsidian Rose. Archon Khromys, or "The Queen of Splinters" as she's also known, continues to fashion superior weaponry for her new Kabal and the Obsidian Rose are exceptionally well armed.

Name: Tarsidhe
Age: Unknown
Height: Somewhere between 7-8ft tall
Eye Color: Jade
Hair Color: Black
Rank: Archon of the Kabal of Fiend Ascendant
Weapon: Wych Cult weaponry
Biography: Archon Tarsidhe of the Fiend Ascendant has become so addicted to the gladiatorial spectacles laid on by his Wych Cult allies that his entire existence has become a cycle of theatrically inspired warfare. His Kabal and their affiliated Wych Cult allies have gouged their way across realspace, a rolling cavalcade of athletes, Beastmasters, blade-dancers, Harlequins, Medusae and exotic alien monsters that Archon Tarsidhe takes delight in 'showcasing' against whatever the empires of the lesser races can muster to stop him.
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