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Disayle's Characters 7698714176_15f08f8e7a_z
Race: Avian (Broad-Winged Hawk)
Age: 12 human years
Homeworld: Aves
Rank: Fore Admiral and de facto leader of the Galactic Avian Union

Disayle's Characters Harpy2
Race: Avian (Harpy Eagle)
Age: 54 human years
Homeworld: Aves
Rank: High General in the Galactic Avian Union Space Corps

Disayle's Characters 6921001637_75d8bc1afb_z
Race: Avian (Nisus Hawk)
Age: <1 human year
Homeworld: Aves
Rank: Wing Lieutenant in the Galactic Avian Union Space Corps

Disayle's Characters Kiwilsom
Dr. Fallah Yolansh
Race: Avian (Spotted Kiwi)
Age: 17 human years
Homeworld: Aves
Rank: Director of Research and Development for the Galactic Avian Union

Disayle's Characters 924_LeDemoiselle
Race: Avian (Selle Crane)
Age: 6 human years (deceased)
Homeworld: Aves
Rank: Civilian Psychologist, specializing in traumatized soldiers

Disayle's Characters 658px-Garrus_Loyal
Garrus Vakarian
Race: Turian
Age: 29 human years
Rank: Commander of the Palaven Reaper Task Force
Homeworld: Palaven
Bio: A veteran operative and associate of Commander Shepard, Garrus Vakarian has been through more in the past few years than most asari in their entire lifetimes. Garrus is incredibly skilled with weapons of all kinds and possesses a keen tactical and strategic mind, honed to razor sharpness by his work with Shepard. These and his many other exploits saw him all the way to the High Primarch's post, despite his unconventional (some even say "anti-turian") ways. However, Garrus felt out of place in his new position as High Primarch due to the rules and restrictions of politics and protocol in the Primarch Assembly. Despite the supposed loftiness of his position, Vakarian's power was limited to moderating the workings of the Assembly and he had only one vote in matters of national importance to the turians. These and other barriers frustrated the turian immensely, because he knows it is only a matter of time before the Reapers arrive and it is imperative that every race in the galaxy be at least somewhat prepared to fight them. When the capricious Primarchs declared war on the Rachni, Garrus resigned his post in protest and returned to commanding the Palaven Reaper Task Force. Recent developments, though, indicate that as terrifying as the Reapers are, they are not the only threat lurking in the dark reaches of space, and Garrus is struggling to confront these possibilities.
Quote: "Shepard wasn't kidding. The weight of the galaxy on my shoulders is no picnic."

Disayle's Characters 830px-Chellick1
Chellick Trakus
Race: Turian
Age: 56 human years
Rank: Chief Aide to High Primarch Fedorian
Homeworld: Invictus
Bio: Chellick Trakus is High Primarch Fedorian's most trusted assistant and advisor. Like his superior, he is also a shrewd diplomat and is unofficially in charge of overseeing most of the turians' interactions with other races and states. Intuitive, shrewd, perceptive, and able to readily think outside the box, Chellick is an excellent negotiator and has even been suggested as a possible candidate for a Primarch. For now, though, he is content to continue assisting Primarch Fedorian.
Quote: "Arguing is my job, and I'm very good at it."

Disayle's Characters 830px-Septimus-Oraka-ME3-presidium-commons
Septimus Oraka
Race: Turian
Age: 63 human years
Rank: General in the Turian Hierarchy Naval Defense Forces
Homeworld: Macedyn
Bio: Formerly retired, General Septimus Oraka was recommissioned to help lead the Hierarchy forces against ever-bolder Sansha and Blood Raider attacks on turian colonies. The general is a battle-hardened veteran of many conflicts. His record includes the suppression of multiple krogan insurgencies, destruction of countless terrorist groups, and even action against geth during the Battle of the Citadel. However, Oraka has never before faced an enemy like the Primitus--foes whose brutality rival that of the Reapers themselves.
Quote: "Humans, Krogans, Geth, terrorists...is my fight ever really done?"

Disayle's Characters Battle_Karan_by_skywalkerpl
Karan S'jet
Race: Hiigaran
Kiith: S'jet (formerly)
Age: 242 human years (appears 32)
Rank: Sajuuk-Khar and Sa of Sa's of the Hiigaran Daiamid
Homeworld: Kharak
Bio: Bald, crude, sarcastic, distasteful of formalities, and with a seemingly-constant case of PMS, Karan S'jet is nonetheless the Hiigarans' most beloved leader. Permanently wired into the massive dreadnought Sajuuk, she is the only living one of the Exiles to have been born on Kharak, and still remembers how the Taiidan's brutality nearly annihilated her people. Only her leadership was able to pull the Hiigarans back from the brink of extinction and see them back to their legendary homeworld. Karan's unshirking devotion to her people has only grown since then and she will fight to the death to protect them.
Quote: "Enough of your [censored]!! We have to blow up a lot of things in not a lot of time!"

Disayle's Characters AdmiralSobanfinished
Ferin Soban Sha
Race: Hiigaran
Kiith: Soban
Age: 59 human years
Homeworld: Hiigara
Rank: Admiral in the Hiigaran Navy
Bio: Admiral Ferin Soban Sha is a grizzled veteran of the Hiigaran military. Though the Exiles are not traditionally warlike, they been threatened often enough to know the wisdom the means to defend oneself. Soban began his career when he enlisted in the Hiigaran Navy at the onset of the Vaygr War, and rose quickly through the ranks due to this tactical brilliance. By the time the Siege of Hiigara began, he was a Captain and led his own flotilla in dangerous but successful hit-and-run attacks on the Vaygr. Throughout the war, he also gave critical support to the Second Mothership Fleet and was one of the few Hiigaran commanders able to launch successful counterattacks against the Vaygr. However, throughout his time in the Navy, Soban has shown an acute lack of self-awareness that causes him to misjudge situations, give flawed orders, and undertake reckless actions. This in turn lead to the destruction of his entire flotilla, and his capture by the Vaygr near the war's end. However, the Mothership Fleet pursued his captors and rescued him from their clutches. With his command obliterated, Soban joined the Second Mothership Fleet and fought in the war's final battles. To this day, Soban holds losing his fleet as his greatest failure as a commander.
Quote: "I saw terrible things happen in the Vaygr War to both the people under my command and myself. If war is so monstrous and abhorrent, we do we all fight so much?"

Disayle's Characters Princess_Belle_by_Maye1a
Mevath Sagald
Race: Hiigaran
Kiith: Sagald
Age: 26 human years
Homeworld: Hiigara
Rank: Civilian scientist
Bio: Dr. Mevath Sagald is a shockingly brilliant Hiigaran scientist who, despite her youth, is the premier authority on the mysterious, vanished race known as the Progenitors. A graduate from the University of Khar'Toba on Hiigara, Dr. Sagald has spent the last two years trying to answer the ultimate question: What happened to the Progenitors? Though her study still has far to go, Dr. Sagald's initial findings point to a chilling conclusion.

Disayle's Characters Noveria_rachni_queen
Tiamat I the Reborn
Race: Rachni
Height: 9 meters
Length: 15 meters
Age: 30 human years (biologically), 1230 human years (technically)
Rank: High Queen of the Rachni Hive
Bio: The Rachni Queen known as Tiamat began life over 1,000 years ago as a simple egg, the last best hope of her people. In the Rachni Wars' final hours, the egg was tucked away into a hibernation pod along with her brood brother, Marduk, and a few soldiers and workers. As the krogan ravaged Suen, the pod was launched into deep space, managing to avoid their fleets' notice. A thousand years later, the Rachni inside the pod awoke as it landed on a volcanic planet at the galaxy's edge, where they began rebuilding. Since then, the young Queen has seen both the best and worst of what the galaxy's races have to offer. She would much rather her people be left alone to rebuild in peace, but that prospect is looking break as tensions rise all across the Altair galaxy.
Quote: "Through fire and water and steel and blood, the Great Singers shall come again. And we will never again be silenced."

Disayle's Characters Rachni_Brood_Warrior
Marduk the Pitiless
Race: Rachni
Height: 8 meters
Length: 12 meters
Age: 400 human years (biologically), 1600 human years (technically)
Rank: Great War-Singer of the Rachni Hive
Bio: Marduk the Pitiless is aptly-named. During the Rachni Wars, he was one of the Great Singers' most-feared warriors, with Citadel records indicating that he personally killed half a million soldiers and civilians prior to the krogan's entry. By the Rachni Wars' end, that record had tripled in number even as his people fought a losing battle against Tuchanka's hordes. Marduk survived as the krogan pushed the Great Singers back on all fronts, until the final battle at Suen. The veteran Brood Warrior desired to make a final stand with his mother, father, and the last of the Great Singers' soldiers, but instead was tasked with securing the Rachni's future as he was loaded onto the deepspace hibernation pod with the egg that would become his brood sister, Tiamat. A few workers and soldiers accompanied them on their thousand-year journey. Now, Marduk has re-emerged, and remains as bloodthirsty and unflappably devoted to his people as ever. The Rachni Brood Warrior fields hundreds of years' worth of combat experience and dry wit honed to a razor edge. He combines his body's natural weapons with an affinity for whatever weapon is close by, and in recent days, he has somehow acquired the power to manipulate lightning, even further enhancing his combat prowess.
Quote: "Any who wish to be a credit to their race should die, but make a nice, big explosion in the process."

Disayle's Characters TokhtatheJust
Tokhta the Just
Race: Morrigi
Height: 3 meters
Age: 600 human years
Rank: Morru'Qu'aan of the Morrigi Confederation
Homeworld: Dekagarnos (lost during the Suuligi War)
Bio: Hatched in year 15,638 of the Morrigi calendar, Tokhta lost his entire Tribe to the Siren's Song during the Suuligi War. His ship was badly damaged in battle and crash-landed on a barely-liveable desert planet, where he lived in a cave for many years, convinced that the Suuligi and their Zuuligi hordes had annihilated his people. Then one day, a small group of humans arrived and established a colony near his home. Afraid he would frighten them, Tokhta attempted to hide, but a sudden rock slide left him injured and the humans discovered him upon arriving to investigate the commotion. To his surprise, the humans took Tokhta in and nursed him back to health, and he joined the human colony with full rights. A few years later, though, Tokhta was astounded upon the arrival of a group of his people's ships, who brought word that Atreus the Bloody was now Morru'Qu'aan. Angry and hurt at the "Children of the Dust" settling the former Morrigi colonies left abandoned since the Suuligi War, Atreus was leading the warrior Tribes in carving a bloody swathe of vengeance across the stars. Tokhta, having lived with humans and seen the potential presented by them and other young species, vowed to stop him. At the next Honing, Tokhta the White, Tribeless, challenged Atreus to mortal combat, slew all six of his champions, and finally killed The Bloody Qu'aan himself. With his victory, Tokhta the White ended Atreus's rampage, set his people on a new path, and formed the Morrigi Confederation of Independent Worlds. He has proved himself a shrewd, cunning, and militarily brilliant Morru'Qu'aan, but also has a softer side, especially concerning the rights of other races living within the Confederation. Even to this day, he remembers the kindly humans who should have shunned him, but didn't.
Quote: "Too long have we scorned the dosh'linq. No more."

Disayle's Characters Batarians_Codex_Image
Kharsa Dors'Athen
Race: Batarian
Age: 37 human years
Rank: Ambassador from the Batarian Syndicracy
Homeworld: Erszbat

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