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Galkis valin

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name: Gelkis Vailin
Race/rank: Nephilim/ demon princess
Age: looks to be in his early to mid 20's/true age unknown
Height/weight: 5 foot 11 inches/ 145 pounds Build: Slender, and toned
Skin/eye/hair color: Stark white/dull silver/ raven black
sex: female
Personality: Gelkis is a varying aloof, proud, and also calm person, who is rarely out of control of his personal feelings. When met he normally will act vary friendly and courteous to the people he has meet, at least till they otherwise give him reason to act otherwise.
Fighting ability; Gelkis was trained as a fencer, though unlike most fencers he learned to be defensive in his style watching and waiting for the opening his needs to disable or end the life of his opponent, his teachers were some of the finest in the lands which his father ruled over as well as lands which sat outside of his father's lands as well. It was said that Gelkis's thrusts as well as his strikes with a blade were as swift as the wind and just as hard to fallow.
Mystic ability: Gelkis was instructed in the art of magic, although being taught all forms of magic by his teachers it was found that he has an innate talent for the use of magic dealing with using or controlling darkness, fire, or lightning. Also he was found to be having an acute understanding of the working and uses of wards and bindings compared to most mages of his instruction level.
Weapon;Gelkis wields a four long rapier the blade of which is 3 foot long, this weapon is crafted from a midnight black metal that is icy cold to the touch even if fired in a pit. The hilt as well as the guard of the rapier has a golden dragon which is wrapped around them, also the cross guard is a plane bell shaped one also it has a simple cross bar design. The blade is covered in a black flame which cuts thru people and steals pieces of their soul with each strike. In his exile he was gifted as well as cursed with the need to drain the spiritual energy of mortal beings by drawing the energy thru the flames which surround his rapier's blade.
Gelkis is a Demon princess of the nephilim race, born to high king Vastral and his wife the empress Gesteil. Gelkis was the youngest of his siblings having three brothers, as well as having two sisters, although Gelkis was chosen to to be the successor to the royal crown by his father over his other brothers. As Gelkis was raised and molded to take the crown he was trained in the art of swordsmanship, as well as a mage of the dark arts in preparation for his own defense to make sure the crown remained on his brow least the ancient enemies of his family take the kingdom. He was given a nightmare drake which he named Atsu, as a gift by his father for his coronation, which he keeps with him at all times (even if it is not within sight it will be within range for him to call it to him, they are part of the same being almost.). Once he had been coroneted as the crowned prince of the nephilim lands his father retreated into the high mountains to the south of the kingdom, after some decades of ruling the realm Gelkis's brothers grew increasingly angers with the fact of being stepped over by their younger brother in the line of ascension. It was then that the brothers began to seek out the assistance of enemies of their father's own kingdom to de-throne Gelkis as well as exile him from the lands least he be able to reassert himself as the rightful ruler. In their searching for allies to aid them in their plan they came upon a mystic court of mages who had been thought defeated and destroyed by their own father after they had allied with several families that wished to erase the nephilim race from history, as well as existence. The brothers as well as their new allies spent several years plotting and making ready their plans before on the night before exiling Gelkis they threw him a large feast to celebrate his birthday, as well as the long years of prosperity Gelkis had brought to the lands, It was during this celebration the brothers snuck three of the mystics into Gelkis's bedchamber where they set to work on the ritual to banish him. After the festivities had ran late into the night as well as most of the people began to either leave for home, or sat hunched over in their seats Gelkis decided it was time to retire to his room, as he walked into chamber he was met by the three mystics, as well as his brothers. The brother's rushed Gelkis subduing him with only one of them being grievously injured by his blade, then the mystics began their ritual binding Gelkis to the floor of the room as he began to become transparent. He began to chant his own spell causing the room to become engulfed in crimson flames, which killed two of the mystics before he blacked out.
After Gelkis regained consciousness he found himself in a strange forest, as well as that he had gained a strange hunger that was only sated by the devouring of spiritual energy that was captured from people or creatures thru his rapier that was with him. Once he had regained enough of his senses Gelkis began to travel out of the forest, finding a road a few miles from it's edge that he fallowed, after traveling several days upon this route he arrived in a large town to which he had never seen before, but yet remembered it's name from within the books of his father's library. As he traveled around the town he was met by the head of the village. The elderly man invited Gelkis back to his home, for dinner, and then they talked about where Gelkis was from as well as where he was now. After talking with the town elder Gelkis stayed the night in his manor, before making his way out of the town to the local hall of nobles to speak with them about his situation.

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