The high seas!

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The high seas!

Post by Roach on Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:10 pm

Shiver me timbers! And yo ho me hearties!

By popular demand i shall open the sigh ups for the High seas story line
The high seas
The year is 1744 we will play the role of privateers of the Russian empire sworn to hunt down Barbary pirates in the black sea ho are threatening our shipping routes our flotilla must find the reason for this increase of piracy and why only Russian ships have been targeted who is behind it and can we stop them?

Now the rules!

You shall need a ship and a swarthy crew if ye are to survive the high seas! You may create an era appropriate ship with no more than sixty guns. and no guns heavier than 20 pounders. i recommend using to find a vessel to use as your frame work for your ship.

You may bring any character you desire as long as they be human or easy to pass as one. You may not use weapons or armor that are not era appropriate you may not use any magic or force powers. You may only use your skill with blade and black powder weapons as well as tactics.

What is required

I need three captains and ships as well as my self. You must be able to listen to instructions. and you shall also need a character skilled with a blade and tactics as well as an under standing of fire arms. Also the ability to speak like a pirate is encourage but not required! Also please be sure to make you tell the nationality of your captain. Witch of course must be from a prevalent nation of the time.

Roach As: Captain Dimitri Roach of the Ship "Neptune's fire." (Russian)
Trebor as: Captain Malara Enda of the ship "Dreams of desolation" (Spanish)
Sir Noret as:Captain Karl Wichtoff of the ship "Luftstromen der Reichtum" (Austrian)
SGOS as: Captain Rau Le Creuset of the ship "Poseidon's Chariot" (British)

Please submit your ship in this format




Name: Neptune's Fire
Class: Frigate
Crew: 195 souls
top speed: 16.8 knots


Total guns 44
Bow guns: 2x 10 pound chasers
Top deck: 14x 6 pounders
Gun deck 22x 9 pound guns
Swivels: 6x 2 pound swivels

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Re: The high seas!

Post by Link the hero of time on Fri Jul 08, 2011 5:18 pm

"Dreams of desolation"
Captain Malara Enda
Class: Heavy Frigate
Crew: 295
speed: 17.5 knots

Bow: 1 14lb bow chaser
Stern: 4 20lb Stern chaser
top deck: 16 10 pound guns
gundeck: 28 18 pound guns
Swivle guns: 10 1 pound swivles

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Re: The high seas!

Post by Sir Noret on Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:01 am

Name: Luftstromen der Reichtum
Capitan: Karl Wichtoff
Nationality: Habsburg Empire
Class: Frigate
Crew: 212
top speed: 15.9 knots


Total guns: 38
Bow guns: 2 x 12 pound guns
Aft guns: 2 x 9 pound guns
Top deck: 6 x 6 pound guns
Gun deck 24 x 8 pound guns
Swivels: 4 x 1 pound swivels


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Re: The high seas!

Post by SGOS on Sat Jul 09, 2011 7:36 am

Name: Poseidon's Chariot ( Modified Privateer Indiaman)
Class: mercant vessel
Crew: 305 +15 (an extra 15 for passangers/prisoners)
Speed: 16.00

Total guns 56
Bow guns: 2x 5 pound chasers
Top deck: 10x8lb

Gun deck 34x14lb
Swivels: 10x2lb

Modified be she, a vessel using a lighter and thinner South American woods that still have the strength of oak, and with more swivels, but lighter chasers she is a well guarded lass too. the thinner wood made room for a prisoners cage or a 15 person extra cabin for transporting persons of some dear importance.

The captain and his notable peers are as follows

Rau Le Creuset
The Captain of the ship; he wears a mask, which he will never take off. His pipe contains a herbal medicine he must have every hour of his life or he will go into a hysterical coughing attack, because of that he is always smoking.

-Maiza Avaro
Second in command to Rau, he disproves of Ladd, but does admire his
value when defending from pirates. he's a tad paranoid, or at least cautious of everything around him

-Firo Prochainezo
The apprentice of Maiza, and 3rd in command, he is bit rash, and kind of dumb but his gut instinct is something that is never wrong.

-Ladd Russo
-The savage boarding expert is a crude killer who takes pride and joy in his killings. Defending the ship is actually one of his least favourite jobs, raiding others is his most disired passion though. He has a very sophisticated auto-mail left arm which bears a hidden knife.


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Re: The high seas!

Post by agentaaa on Fri Aug 26, 2011 6:17 am

Name: Gungnir
Class: Corsair
Crew: 115
speed: 16.10

total guns
Aft guns: 2x9 lbs.
Top deck: 14x6 lbs.
Swivels: 2x9 lbs.

The gungnir is a privateer vessel, meant for one thing and one thing only: To catch pirates. This vessel is certainly not the largest in the sea, or the most heavily armed, but it's one of the fastest. This ship is normally used as a boarding vessel, as despite it's small crew size, the people using the ship can still normally overcome the larger ships. This is due in part to the exotic weaponry and large amounts of training of the individual crewmembers... But a lot of it has to do with boarding commander Auger.

--Captain Iridis
A man obsessed with justice, Iridis hates pirates, since his village was burned to the ground by a nasty group of them, and since has become a "freelance privateer" of sorts, hunting down pirates for any nation. As he has achieved unquestionable success in that manner, he's gained quite a bit of respect around the world. He is a somewhat stern captain, and keeps the admittedly wild elements of his crew a cohesive unit as no other man could. Besides his leadership skills, and natural grasp of tactics, Iridis is also known for his skills with the rapier on his left side.

--First mate Ignis--
A fiery man, with a burning hatred of pirates, Ignis had resolved long ago that he would fight against their evil till the end of his life. Ignis is quite the expert on combat tactics, and his abilities are top-notch. While he's occasionally impatient, he also has the capacity to properly connect with the crew, and through trust has gotten them to respect his commands without hesitation.

--navigator Shale--
Shale helps with navigating the ship, and tracking down targets, using his own keen mind in concert with Iridis to predict where they might have gone. When not doing that, he's usually sleeping. Despite being lazy, he's one of the most valuable members of the crew, and the one least guided by emotions. Shale is known for being able to keep his cool in any situation. Despite this, he doesn't enjoy being asked about his past, his only reply to such inquiries being "I made a lot of mistakes before getting to where I am now".

--Boarding commander Auger--

Auger was one of the last true warriors of the land, and at one point when a bar fight turned to swords, he ended up attracting the attention of the local police. After destroying more than half of said police's forces, they called in the army, who, after taking many losses themselves, finally restrained the man and threw him in prison. Exacts on the attack weren't known, but somewhere between one hundred and two hundred people were slain by Auger before he was finally stopped. As Iridis' one criminal act, he ended up breaking Auger out of jail, after noticing he was truly an innocent sort that hadn't seen the harm in what he was doing, and brought him aboard the Gungnir as boarding commander. Though he's called "boarding commander" He doesn't do much commanding at all, and is indeed, always the first one into the battle. He uses a unique style of fighting, with a long sword and a short sword, and a chain in between the two weapons, all of which he utilizes to their fullest. Unfortunately, boarding is all he's good at, as he's incompetent at even the most basic aspects of sailing, so he mostly spends time training a few of the crew members at a time on how to fight. As long as Auger's in the fray, the crew fears nothing in a boarding battle.

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Re: The high seas!

Post by Angusm3 on Fri Aug 26, 2011 1:52 pm

Name: Haddock
class: turtle ship (modified to use sails instead of oars)
Crew: 130
Speed: 8.6 knots

1 sulphur gas thrower (50m)
26 cannons (600m)
Iron spikes prevent boarding and deflect black powder small arms fire and arrows

I'll post the rest when I get to my computer


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Re: The high seas!

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