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Name: Hiryu
Age: unknown
Home World: Altah'Roh
God: Exitius

Hollow Hands: Hiryu fights barehand, equiping it with Haki and magic.

Abilities: Hiryu is a Maha Thera ranked monk, the highest of all the rankings. So he has extremely swift reflexes, and holds immeasurable power in haki and prevail in physcial combat.

Haki- This comes with Color of Armament. A dormant, spiritual power that lies in every living thing. This power can be turned into a powerful armour, surrrounding the user. Haki can be used as a weapon as it can mix with magic, and can explode when hit, or penetrate. This makes him extra evasive.

Color of Observation- This power can predict, and sense the presence of the enemy, whether he is known or unkown to him. It can basically predict the actions of the target, and it's existance, while it can perceive invisibility. This also includes hyper intuition. It basically make him supernaturally elusive.

Mediator- A advance technique, that requires one's alignment to mottle his Haki, along with magic. Since he is aligned with Exituis, the dark power is called Scourge, It immensely magnifies the user in speed, reflex, agility, magic, and strength. Scourge has no limits, aslong as the user is in a clear state of mind. Mediator offers very powerful sub-abilities, it will be introduced as it is used more. The power derives from ones spirit, if the spirit grows stronger, so will the technique.

Weakness/Strength: Hiryu prevails in about everything, from magic, to physical combat. He can't perform any magic spells, but use it solely for physical combat instead, but this offers a great resistance against magical spells cast on him. Hiryu is a rank 1 monk, so he is obviously skilled in fighting, and extremely skilled in dodging/agility/evasion. Weaknesses is unknown.

Biography: Hiryu was born in a temple that worships the god Exitius. For hundreds of years he vigorously train as a monk, and later on, he is ranked as one of the Maha Thera, a position for only those that have achieve the powerful technique, Mediator. Hiryu still takes orders from someone above him. As years passed, he was ordered to teach a man in the way of the Phantom's, his name Mana. Hiryu noticed that this man possesses a tremendous amount of power inside him, as each day pass, Mana grew more and more powerful, so then Hiryu needed him to train by himself to bring fruit to his true potential.

During the morning, when Hiryu was training by himself on a mountain, he was greeted by Exitius. Exitius introduce Hiryu the world of which can change the universe and the heavens, he also told him that he needs his unique power in order to truely achieve his goal. Hiryu, being one of his god devoted follower, accepted, and was summon away.

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Re: Hiryu

Post by agentaaa on Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:05 pm

mmmm... the only thing standing in the way of me approving it is the gloves... they sound like a 1-hit kill against pretty much anyone they're used on... Fix that, and I'll approve it.

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