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Comrade Greiv's Characters(TSE, RF, Mioltai) Empty Comrade Greiv's Characters(TSE, RF, Mioltai)

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Red Faction Series

Crysis Series

Mass Effect Series (Primary holder; overall split between Rain, Disayle, and Ryan)
All Sections of Copyright(owned and distributed out)
- Systems Alliance : Mine
- Collectors : Mine
- Reapers : Mine

- Cerberus : Ryan
- Terminus Systems(Includes Batarians and Mercenary Groups) : Ryan
- Krogan : Ryan
- Asari : Ryan
- Protheans : Ryan
- Leviathans : Ryan
- Yahg : Ryan

- Turians : Disayle

- Geth : Rain/Django
- Quarians : Rain/Django
- Minor Races(Hanar, Drell, Elcor, Volus, Vorcha) : Rain/Django

Section 8 Series

Interstellar Marines Series


True Sith Empire:

Comrade Greiv's Characters(TSE, RF, Mioltai) 1090375-use3_super
Circa Imperial-Republic Cold War
Comrade Greiv's Characters(TSE, RF, Mioltai) Th_DarthKorrCircaImperial-RepublicColdWar
Darth Korr
Birth name: Kalyntrel Falthra
Age: ~4100
Height: 6'2"
Rank: Dark Lord of the Sith - Leader of True Sith Empire
Darth Korr was once a promising Jedi Knight back in the time of the Jedi Civil War and former friend of Revan's before his initial fall. During the Jedi Civil War he had fought of the front lines against the Sith Empire and even was among one of the Jedi Strike Teams deployed onto the Star Forge, in the very strike team the future Darth Feltranus was in.Once the battle was won in the End only Korr and Feltranus were left amongst their strike team and had chosen to follow Revan in his fotsteps to the Unknown Regions.(More to be revealed later)

Comrade Greiv's Characters(TSE, RF, Mioltai) IMG_0372
Darth Feltranus
Age: ~4050
Height Varies 5'9" to 6'5"
Eye Color: Red(Artificial eyes as a result of an assassination attempt)
Rank: Dark Lord - Commander of TSE Ground Forces

Comrade Greiv's Characters(TSE, RF, Mioltai) SithWarrior-TORHope
Kal'Fehra (Darth Karn)
Age: 59
Height: 5'4"
Rank:Sith Warrior - Governmental Council of Sith Lords
Little is known about Darth Karn with the exceptions of his Role as the Economics Supervisor on the Council of Five. Many rumors run around as to what Karn looks like and why he wears his mask. Only one man truly knows the truth amongst the Grunts of the TSE Military, General Alec Kaidan, and its a secret he has sworn to keep.

True Sith Empire/Red Faction:

Alec Kaidan
Age: 35
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Rank: General - Regular Infantry/Special Forces
One of the Most prominent members of the True Sith Empire's Military Forces, Alec Kaidan hailed from a Noble family on Taletis and had enlisted at age 16 just after graduation from High school and after his parents were killed in the derailment of Hovertrain. He had suffered through many hardships on his rise up the ranks in the TSE Infantry and Special forces, Including having to train and serve under the Dark Lord Feltranus(Had always Hated Alec and after the attempt on his life, Blamed Alec for it) on Multiple occasions. By Age 32, 16 years after enlisting, he had achieved the rank of General.

Mark Hendricks
Age: 29
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Light Brown
Rank: Colonel - Special Forces
Hendricks was raised as a farmer on one of the relatively-untapped Terran worlds of the Artent system and was taught by his father, a former Special forces operative; on how to hunt, scavenge, and various old-style SpecOps techniques. When he turned 17 he chose to follow in his Father's footsteps and join the local Miltary as a Special Forces operative. 3 years after he elisted a plague broke out on the world that had heavily ravaged the population and turned many into savages, war broke out between the plague-infected and the non-infected that permanently scarred the world and ruined its worth. Then-Lieutenant Mark Hendricks had chosen to leave the world to escape the plague, and was picked up by a TSE Fleet. They had chosen to take him on as a Special Forces Operator soon after.

John Shepard
Age: 31
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Rank: Commander - N7 Designation/Spectre

Admiral Kahoku
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Rank: Admiral

Admiral Mikhailovich
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Rank: Rear Admiral

Admiral Steven Hackett
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Rank: Admiral

Layla Kreel
Eye Color: Aqua
Hair Color: Brown
Profession: Electrical/TeleCommunications Engineer


Lord Shai'thel Inathural Rakiat
Age: ~500,000
Eye Color: Blood Red
Hair Color: None
Rank: Leader of the Mioltai Race
Shai'thel was a powerful and peaceful member of a once-prominent Tran-sentient species until his civilization was destroyed by a Intergalactic War, followed closely by a thousand-year Civil War and after that a Reaper invasion. Shai'thel was the last of his species after these great cataclysms. In the time after the Great Wars he traveled the stars searching for a way to attain pure immortality until he happened across an artifact from a Civilization that existed Eons before his. Over time the Artifact twisted him but eventually gave him a form of Immortality and even more immense power as well. With this power he created an entirely new race, the Mioltai around 490,000 years ago. He crafted them in a dual Image, one his own in death, and one of his original form in life. This race ruled the Hyperion galaxy for over 200,000 years until it was nearly wiped out at the hands of the species it had enslaved. Around the time of the Mandolorian Wars a small number remained fully alive within a small cluster of Star Systems beyond the Unknown Regions. By the time of the Republic-Imperial Cold War the Mioltai were believed extinct when rather they were all dead, but very much alive through their leader, and God, Shai'Thel's influence.
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