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William Descanti
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William Descanti shows the qualities of a leader in ways such as kindness, mercy, and understanding. Many people see William as a de facto leader whenever he is assigned to accompany a Military deployment. Despite being kind to his allies, he is a fierce fighter, and shows just as much bloodlust and rage as any other battle-hardened soldier. He is skilled with a lightsaber, and if stripped of his own, can use a wide range of Force Attacks such as telekinesis, mind tricks, levitation, and a host of other, non Force-based melee attacks. William is known to have perfect aim with a blaster, but does not prefer them due to the fact that is quite clumsy with them.

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William Thaesus Descanti was born to a wealthy Albian family, and was to continue his father's successful buisness empire, but it was discovered that he was Force-Sensitive. Upon discovery of this, William was sent off to train with Jedi Master Abdar Jhi-So on the SRI colony of Fey. The inheritance of his father's company then went to his younger brother, Arcturus. Not being used to nature (coming from an ecumenopolis) William had to first learn how to deal with the dangers of the outdoors and adjust to the climate.

After completing his apprenticeship to Master Jhi-So, William joined a group of independent Jedi who hunted down Sith. After the massacre of his teammates on Korriban, William went back to the forests of Fey to grieve. A few years later, William has returned from his exile and has been searching for an apprentice of his own since.

William is half Gal'Gai, half Miraluka. Fortunately, William was born with eyes, although he sees like all Miraluka do, in the Force. This is why William's irises are pale almost to the degree of looking blind. He is of a muscular build, with wide shoulders and a large chest. He is also 6' 5'', which is about average height for the Gal'Gai race.

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