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Post by Django on Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:49 am

Copyright claim
Underworld series
bionic commando
Nexus: the Jupiter incident
Advance wars
Boktai/ Lunar knights
Starcraft Protoss and Terran
Soul Series (soul calibur games)
Splinter Cell

Django Aran
Species: Human Immortal hybrid
Relationships: Son of Ringo and Mani the Moon Beauty, nephew of Hel, brother of Sabata, married to Samus Aran
Occupation: Emperor of the Galactic Federation, Head of The Guild

Biography: Django is the son of the Vampire Hunter Ringo and the Immortal Moon Beauty Mani. Django distinguished himself in the Great War between the Immortals and mankind. He was responsible for singlehandedly defeating the Immortals. In the course of the war Django became infected with Dark Matter and gained the ability to transform to a form known as Black Django at will. In addition during the war he learned how to transform himself into an avatar of the sun god known as Sol Django. In the peace accords most of the killed were resurrected using magic and brought back to their original states. For his effort in ending the war Django was made Emperor of the fledgling Federation. Django was recently transformed into a cyborg warrior known as a Seraph. The Seraph transformation has turned a large portion of his body into organic machinery.

Abilities: Super Human abilities granted by Seraph transformation. Advanced Brain computing power comparable to a highly advanced supercomputer. Wields the Gun Del Sol and Gun Del Hell as well as Soul Calibur and Soul Edge. Capable of flight with and without his power suit due to Angelic Wings. Capable of extremely high ground and flight velocity both with and without the suit. Always carries a pair of heavily modified antique Smith and Wesson Model 500 revolvers. His eyes are capable of zooming in and targeting and contain a HUD built into the eyes. His brain is capable of housing an AI which aids in his already super human reaction time among other things.

Django wears the ARTEMIS power armor of which only one is in existence.
ZEUS abilities
Has a built in Warp Drive and thruster units
Shielding: AEGIS shielding
Weapons: PALLAS ATHENA homing missiles, PROMETHEUS plasma cannon, APOLLO antimatter warhead delivery system, POSEIDON particle rifle, ZEUS integrated Gatling gun, Electronic Warfare package
interfaces with Django's integrated PANDORA self evolution system allowing both Django and the suit to upgrade themselves as needed.
Mara Jade
Jaina Solo
Jacen Solo
Luke SKywalker
Cade Skywalker
Han Solo
Mira from Kotor II
Visas Marr
Juno eclipse
Kitt Fisto
Jaden Korr
Darth Vader
November Terra (Nova)
Arcturus Mengsk
James Eugene Raynor
Sarah Kerrigan
Valarian Mengsk
Matthew Horner
Rory Swann
Jango Fett
Boba Fett


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