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Name: Mary . W
Age: 15
World: Kestal
Chosen God: Exitius

Spell book

Soul Bottle: Used to collect and absorb souls, cursing them. (can hold up to 4 souls at a time)

Eternal Cycle: a black staff created from the magical powers of Exitius himself, bestowing great dark powers to the user. It decreases the cost of magic being cast, grants more destructive force in the spells, and it's damage works effectively against lawful, and good beings.

Wand: This allows Mary to prepare spells into the wand, by up to 10 charges.

Abilities: Mary was born with a strong innate magical powers, because of this, she is a sorceress. She specializes in curse, and summoning spells.

Call of Guidance: Summons four evil spirits to create a ward around Mary, giving her a Impervious barrier, and the power to levitate in the air if she wish. All spirits need to be found and destroyed, for the spell to be broken, or if a immense physical or magical power shatters it instead, but it will rapidly regenerate. If the four evil spirits were to be wiped out at the same time, the barrier will explode, critically damaging anyone near to it, and knocking down everyone, no matter how strong they are, for 50 radius, same goes if it breaks by brute strength. If the spirits were hunted and destroyed one by one, then Mary's barrier will dissipate into the air instead of causing a explosion, and by doing so, also prevent the spirits from rapidly regenerating the barrier back to place.

Mind Screaming Inferno: Mary Launches a pillar of destructive purple flame, from one of her hand, disintergrating everything in a heart beat. If anyone survived after touching the flame, then they will be cursed until it is lifted. The curse is called, Grudge, this curse will cause those touched by the flame to experience nightmares for 10 nights. Grudge reaches down the depth of a man's heart, and fill it with fear, of all the living creatures he killed, and having them dragged him to hell, piling guilt upon him, trying to wake up the target will only make it worst. No one has ever survived from Grudge without becoming insane.

Demon King's Left Arm: Mary summons a giant hand where ever the pentagon is placed, and can be activated anytime she wishes when placed. The pentagon can be placed on the ground, water, and air. The Demon King's Left Arm will fly around under Mary's command, and it has the ability to deliver a lightning fast, and immensely powerful punches. The arm is as hard as armour, and is very hard to penetrated, by any type of magic.

Weakness/Strength: Mary is physically fragile, she has the same amount of physical endurance as a regular human, but can still take a couple of hits before dying, she also never had any melee combat training, making her almost powerless in melee. All of her spells uses small amount of magical powers, and can replenish quickly,also, her defensive spell is one of the best among the Exitius forces, making her almost untouchable unless certain rules are followed. If her barrier is completely destroyed accordingly, then she she will have to gain new evil spirits to replace the one's died, but, she has the ability to take souls that have died in battle, and corrupt them, turning them into evil, and becoming her new guardians. Mary's evocation spells are very powerful, making her a useful asset in war, and her curse will spare no mercy to any that has killed in the past. Her main weakness is that she easily have crushes on people, nothing but shallow love really, And sweets sways her away as easily as men's, be warned, as she can say the most outrageous stuff, in the worst time.
Her cursing spells can be lifted by those that have found a reason behind it, and the will to lift it.

Bio: At a young age, Mary would have to work at very difficult jobs everyday to earn enough money to support her diseased mother, Jane, by herself, after her father cheated on her mother. Despite living in poverty, she somehow developed a optimistic and heart warming attitude, because of this, she was treated with respect by many of her co-workers at her job. Sometimes when Mary came back home, her mother would have prepared food for her, and tell her stories before she goes to bed, and sometimes she was out to work. Her mother hardly ever talk about Mary's father, only one time about how he betrayed them, and left them to starve, after that, Mary despise her father, cursing him to the day he dies. Even though Mary lived in a cottage with her mother, they both felt secured, they lived in harmony, and they gave eachother emotional support, for seven years had their bond became stronger as mother and daughter, and never to give up.

One day, Mary used her saved up money that she spent many years to earn, and used it to pay for medical treatment for her mother, and after that she was cured with no sign of the disease which she had for years. Mary felt true bliss the first time of her life, she can now live together with her mother without casualities, and they both worked hard after that day, and made enough money to fully support their needs, and still have some time to go picnic or spend some time with each other, there were alot of laughs, and stories shared between them during those bright days, with a feeling that there is nothing they can't when they work together.

Months has passed, nothing out of the ordinary for Mary, until one morning, a broad man with a sword on his belt, large boots, ragged clothings and a evil look on his face broke through their door, she and her mother were frightened and held each other as he made his way in. Mary suddenly saw a blank face on her mother, then out of the blues her blank face turned to a huge smile, " Honey, welcome back home" her mother said happily while running up to him attempting to give a hug, but instead of a hug, the man pushed her mother down with brute force. Mary gasped and ran towards her mother while she tried to help her up, still confused, then she thought that this man can't possibly be her father... It just can't, but how? She told herself. The man gave a menacing look at Mary he walked slowly towards the chair and sat on it, with his legs rested on the other chair beside him, and looked at her mother with rage in his eyes" What the hell are you waiting for you useless tramp! Get up! And give me alchohol!" he yelled. Mary stood there, hearing all this, then suddenly she grew angry, angry at him walking in like he owns the place, angry how he dare to push her mother to the ground with no feelings, and angry how he treat her beloved mother with no regard for her rights what so ever. Her mother stood back up, with a forced smile on her face, and said " Yes dear... but we seem to be out of alchohol, I'll go to the village to get some."
After her mother left to town, Mary waited, and waited, for days, but she never came back, leaving Mary and her father in the house. During those few days, Mary experienced nothing but hell, everyday she would have to work harder than she can, to earn money for the abscence of her mother leaving the family, getting beat up for misbehaving or asking a favour, and everyday Mary thought of all those years for what she has been working for? To live? For food? For her mothers health? It was for nothing, everything was in vain, she grew angry at her mother as time passes, thinking the love they once had was nothing but lies. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, her father threaten her to give all of her money she worked for, to him, at first she hesitated, but gave in. Then at night, when her father came bursting down the door and started rampaging through the house, leaving broken plates and chairs in his path, Mary ran and became frightened, while hiding under a small table. Her father yelled loudly " You stupid #$^^% !, Where are you?!! Get out here." His face was red, and he reeks of alchohol, it was obvious he was drunk, Mary then grabbed a knife that was laying on the floor to protect her self if anything were to happen. Her father kicked down the table, Mary worst nightmare had come, she froze , eveloped by fear, she then ran, but before she did, her father grabbed her shirt and pushed her down the ground, He started taking off her shirt, and pants, while holding pinning her down. Mary tried to resist, struggling to get out of his grasp, but only managed to slipped her skinning wrist away from his, she spot the knife near to her on the ground, she then moved her hand swiftly and grabbed it, then almost in an instant, pierced the knife into her father's chest. The night was silent, the room was fill with dread, as the man's motionless body hit the ground, while Mary roll away, managing to dodge it. Starting this day, there was no where she can go, nothing to hold dear to, there was no value to life for her, but only despair. The air started to to turn black, as a god emerges from the shadows, and introduced himself, he noticed the child's lifeless eyes, and bestow a curse on her.

Few days later...

One morning, Mary walked along the river, then she notice something caught by a fallen tree, The child had ragged clothings, had no shoes, and was still, having the river moving his body, almost dragging it away, he lay their as if he had breathe his last air on earth. Mary felt melancholy for the child, she then swam across the river dragging him to dry land, and pulled his held his leg, pulling his motionless body to her house. After four months, Mary vanished.

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