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Angusm3's CRs and Chars Strelnikov
Name: Strelnikov
Age: unknown (mid 30's)
Height: 5' 7"
Rank: Head of Security for All SCP Facilities
Biography: Angusm3's CRs and Chars Page5

(Agent "Iceberg"):

Name: Iceberg
Age: unknown (mid 30's)
Height: 6' 2"
Rank: Scientist *noted for being good at doing peperwork
Biography: Found in a hidden military base and brought in after a catastrophic incident that the foundation cleaned up.

(Dr. Clef):

Angusm3's CRs and Chars Drclef
Name: Alto Clef
Age: unknown
Height: changes
Rank: Head of training and development
Biography: Came to the attention of the foundation after being kicked out of his university for suggesting *inappropriate* research subjects

(Dr. Gears):

Angusm3's CRs and Chars Drgears
Name: Gears
Age: late 40's
Height: 6' 0"
Rank: Object research
Biography: Dr. Gears was approached in the early days of the Foundation's existence. Since that time, he has assisted in several recovery and containment projects, and has been a valuable consultant during several events, notably [DATA EXPUNGED].

(Dr. Kondraki):

Angusm3's CRs and Chars Drkondraki
Name: Kondraki
Age: early 40's
Height: 5' 10"
Rank: Site 17 Administrator
Biography: History: Dr. Kondraki signed on with the Foundation at the age of 35, joining as a low level researcher with little prospect of promotion. However, his finesse with a camera was quickly noticed, and since then he has become an avid photographer. Much of his time is spent accompaning agents out into the field, and photographically documenting new finds. After the discovery and containment of SCP-408, Dr. Kondraki was promoted to Level 3 Clearance, and is currently the head of research for SCP-408. Recently, he was commissioned to begin photographicly recording various SCP's, including several which are imperceivable to the human eye. Currently, he is working on [DATA EXPUNGED]. Until further notice, Dr. Kondraki will be stationed at Site 17.

(Dr. Bright):

Angusm3's CRs and Chars Dr%20bright
Name: Bright
Age: changes every time he switches bodies
Height: changes every time he switches bodies
Rank: Researcher
Biography: Rose to the top of his field in bioengineering and abnormal genetics. Got recruited by the Foundation when they picked up his younger brother, SCP-590. Given SCP-963 to work with. Died. Came back. Has since been instrumental in work with several SCPs, and assisted in the refinement of many more.


Angusm3's CRs and Chars Kzin1
Name: Speaker-To-Animals
Age: unknown
Height: 8' 3"
Rank: 4* general
Biography: Speaker is a Kzin, He was deemed an excellent tactition by the foundation during the Man-Kzin war that he had survived. He gained his name through his war efforts against the humans but has since joined humanity and was accepted into our ranks.

(Doctor Who):

Angusm3's CRs and Chars 200px-Tenth_Doctor
Name: The Doctor
Age: unknown
Height: 5' 11"
Rank: Top Governer of the Foundation
Biography: The Doctor is the last remaining time lord, he travels the universe in search of other time lords and companionship. He is always in conflict with a race known as the "Daleks" the race that killed his race.


Angusm3's CRs and Chars Glados
Name: GLaDoS
Age: several thousand years
Height: 20'
Rank: Research Cheif
Biography: An advanced AI designed for advanced scientific research, after acquired by the foundation was reprogrammed to have non-homocidal tendencies.


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