Territories of Q's factions

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Territories of Q's factions

Post by Sir Noret on Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:54 pm

Territories of the Directorate
--Bastion System
---Bastion (Capital, major base, minor shipyard)
--Kolaris System
---Kolaris II (Major shipyard and base, Admiralty)
---Kolaris III (Major research base)
--Vacun System
---Vacun VII (major land base, primary training facilities)
--Iri System
---Iri (Major shipyard and base)
--Seris System
---Seris (ecumenopolis)
--Mercada System
---Mercada III (major trade hub, minor shipyard, ecumenopolis)
--Orton System
---Orton (Major shipyard and base)
--Victoria System
---Victoria (ACE HQ, minor shipyard and base)

Territories of the United Colonies
-District of Kasini
---Sachwan System
----Sachwan (Capital, major shipyard and base)

Territories of the Holy Empire
-Imperia System
--Nova Roma (Capital)
--Novas Hierosolimitanum
--Novas Berolinum

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