How to lose (with dignity)

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How to lose (with dignity)

Post by Sir Noret on Mon Jun 27, 2011 12:32 pm

A less then dignified copy from Nation-states is below, regardless read it, it is mostly relevant.
The Art of Losing
Originally posted by the Dracun Imperium

weird as this sounds, yes losing is an art of role play. In order to
gain certain things, including respect here you have to role play pretty
good, and in order to do that you are bound by NS destiny to lose. We
all hate it, sometimes the consequences of losing are so great we don't
want to give up, but you will have to eventually or your battleship will
be sunk by the mighty I.G.N.O.R.E. cannon. But when there is no hope,
here are some tips.

-Make it epic
Everyone loves a good story,
and there is nothing better then a great ending! Not only will this
entertain people, but it will gain you respect here in the Nation States

-Characters are more important then tech
Form a
story, let the emotions of the dying overpower the tech and number
wanking. In other words, develop characters; go into detail about how
the populace feels and such. The more you go into it the more
entertaining it is.

-Do the unexpected
When you are about to
lose, do the unexpected also known as a plot twist. People always hope
for a surprise in a story, and its always best to follow customer
orders. Do something like surrender, form a resistance, even nuke
yourself (Done that one myself, not recommended however).

Now What?
So what happens then, when your country becomes a colony or whatever there are several things you can do.

-Restart your History
Many nations have done this, however there are better alternatives. It basically means you are to start over.

-Role play the occupation
nation in RL or in NS, will have the people fly towards the occupiers.
There will be resistance, role play it. You never know you might win
back your country. If this is the choice it always better to plan things
out with the occupier. Find a way to contact him/her.

-Have a
good old revolution. Similiar to a resistance movement, the revolution
however would take time to occur and organize. This would also include
contacting the invading nation on instant messaging as a good idea.

a way to free your nation, such as a 10 year treaty that will allow you
to be a free nation in ten NS years of course if the occupying nation
fails to comply with that after "signing" the treaty go to the last two

Continue to role play
Sure you’ve been taken control of but there are plenty of things you can do. Such as
play like a protectorate, these are nations that are basically self
governed colonies. They pay tribute and are the property of the
occupying nation. This is though very limiting

-Create a new nation. Some nations do this, but most always have a back-up

an interesting plot line with the occupying nation. Say something along
the lines of the breaking of the former leader, war trials, and stuff
like that

Helpful tips on what not to do
-When you lose you lose, there is no denying that. Don’t go back in time, or try godmoding your way out of it.
-Don’t get noobish, and launch thousands of nooks at the invading country.
-However don’t just give up, follow the tips and advice displayed here.
go tech wanking and expect to win, same thing with dog piling and
number wanking. I’ve seen a hundred million pop. take on a coalition
that numbered 10 times it’s size.
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