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Planet List Format

Post by Quantum Rain on Mon Jun 27, 2011 6:09 am

Vires Sector:

Ultra Vires Star System:

(Has 2 stars)
--Ultra Vires I (Molten)
--Ultra Vires II (Molten)
==1 moon
--Ultra Vires III (Oceanic)
==4 moons
--Ultra Vires Prime (Earthly) (Faction Capital)
==2 moons
--Ultra Vires V (Earthly)
==7 moons
--Ultra Vires VI (Arid)
==5 moons
--Ultra Vires VII (Rocky)
==14 moons
--Ultra Vires VIII (Gas Giant)
==3 moons
--Ultra Vires IX (Gas Giant)
==2 moons
--Ultra Vires X (Gas Giant)
==8 moons
--Ultra Vires XI (Rocky)
==6 moons
--Ultra Vires XII (Rocky)
==4 moons
--Ultra Vires XIII (Ice)
==3 moons
--Ultra Vires XIV (Ice)
==2 moons
--Ultra Vires XV (Ice)
==1 moon

[spoi ler=-Sector name-]
[spoi ler=-System name-]
--Planet name (Type) (Capital or not)
==(Additional Info)

Keep it simple like this and it will be easier to navigate through the page. (This forum operates its bbc a bit differently than Zeta for some reason...)
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