Character & Copyright List formats

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Character & Copyright List formats Empty Character & Copyright List formats

Post by Quantum Rain on Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:40 am

The most common format goes like this, though details are ultimately up to you, the things with * next to them are required, and generally common sense.

Eye Color: (If no picture is available.)
Hair Color: (If no picture is available.)
*Rank: (Or profession)
*Biography (Note: Necessary for primary characters only.)

Again, details are up to you, and you may do whatever you want with character bios, as long as you supply a name, rank/profession, and a quick biography briefly touching on the person's personality and history.

As for copyrights, they look like this format.

Final Fantasy XIII
--Wiki Page

Copyright Name (Shared with who?)
--Information page.

Why post a link to a wiki? So that if people chose to learn about what the heck you claimed in case it was used against them, they can. However, making said link is optional.
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