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Post by NemesisQ on Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:57 am

Name: Delarte
Age: 234
God: Anima
World: Polyhymnia
Race: Cicera Elf

( can't find a male elf out there without one looking like a @%@%#$^& bishi)

Scroll of Universal symbols

Remnant Long Staff- Made out of Celestial Steel, Constantly channels destrucitve, and explosive strange energy, ready to be unleashed.

Abilities: Delarte is a tatoo artist, he can place or remove any tatoo from some one by simply using his hand and transfer the abstract mark from his mind to the desired place. The marking spells he can use up to is 2. The Cicera Tatoo artists cannot removed the Cicera's own tatoo they got from the Conscius NightFall.

Mark of the pact- Place a mark on each of his teammates (3), when this is done, a ability called soul resonance is in effect, this will greatly increase the teams agility, speed, magical power, strength, will and endurance. But the buff will be inactive, if they are too far apart from Detarte, and it can be used to track eachother down instead if they are ever lost.

Mark of Libra - This is offensive spell, when placed in the air, it will summon Dozens of Arcane missile at the desired target, the missiles can trace heat/magic targets when a desired target is not chosen.

Mark of the warrior- A powerful mark that greatly enhance the target in strength, speed and reflex. Delarte can only use this one spell for himself.

Weakness/Strength: Delarte can only use 2 tatoo spells at the same time, the Mark Pact consumes lots of magic power from the user when it is placed, but it's drainage depends on how many of the mark is being placed. Delarte is a formiddable opponent in a one on one fight, as he can use Mark of the Warrior, with Libra or Pact to go with it, Delarte can also quickly shift between tattoo effects. As being a Cicera elf, he is slightly not as strong, or can endure battle, but is replaced by possessing strange magical powers, and agility. Delarte's main weakness is that he can't swim, get sea sick, and can't handle any transportations, if he's on a transportation that is not alive, he will get nauseated, and will become disabled of all movement.

Biography: Delarte was born in Polyhymnia, he had always dreamed about adventure, a common goal like his close friends Mel, and Catullus has, his first friend though, that he had first spoken too was Catullus. Delarte was one of the few Cicera Elves that failed, The Awakening, twice in a row, derogatory reputation to his family, but despite that, he is still loved by many. His art style is one the rarest kind, a Tatoo Artists, able to mark symbols on too allies to amplify there combat abilities and magical powers.

One night Delarte slept in his room after the Orion Peak event, then, hours later a stranger hand appear out the roof and took his, and started pulling Delarte along the sky. During those few moments, was pure bliss as he witness the star, moons, and the Milky Way in such a close distance, but later on, he was pulled even further, away from his planet, on to another with war and bloodsheds.

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Re: Delarte

Post by agentaaa on Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:10 pm

Sorry for the lateness --- forgot I could approve characters. Anyways, character approved.

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