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Post by devilslayer on Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:15 pm

[Url= ] gandalf the white [/url]

Name: Gandalf (the white).

Age: unknown although it is over 2000

Home world: Ea.

Chosen god: none his sole purpose is to stop the fighting or atleast make sure nobody wins.

1) Gandalf's second staff (one handed)(Gandalf got this staff after he lost his first one while fighting the Bulrog in the cave when he died and got resurrected as Gandalf the white)
2) Glamdring (an elven sword which Gandalf found in a Troll cave.)

Elemental magic: he has the power to control the elements such as fire balls, lightening bolts, etc.

Arcane magic: he can throw people without touching them, levitation, make things float, throw rocks and other items at enemies, etc.

Mind Tricks: Gandalf can contact people through his mind as long as he knows the person close enough. He can also see through illusions.etc.

Biography: Gandalf is an old wizard he has taken the form of man to help people he is immensely intelligent, here is his biography. Gandalf was once known as Gandalf the gray but while protecting Frodo from Balrog, a huge fire demon, he diedand was resurrected as gandalf the white in order to become the leader of the five wizards (four after sarumans betrayal). After he had finished with middle earth he looked for some other planet or system of planets to monitor, this lead him to Avalon and him being and orderly person he immediatly went to help Aeon. He travelled their through spirit form (which is useless except for travel) he then turned back to his human form and began to search for chaotic creatures to destroy. (He will start on dyson) he left his other three wizards behind to guard earth without him. Know on Dyson he starts his quest to purify all evil and corruption.

Additional bio: he decided to leave Ea because he had achieved order and more places and people needed him so he headed out he found Avalon and thought if any god wins this war it will mean chaotic disorder so he he talked to all the gods declining their offers to join their armies but he didn't join although he did say this to them" You shall not win".

I have returned!

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Re: Gandalf

Post by NemesisQ on Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:46 pm

Lol who doesn't like gandalf.

Anyway, from LOTR, gandalf seems to be more nature-ish.
But it is avalon

i love to spam.

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