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Post by NemesisQ on Fri Jun 24, 2011 7:15 am

Name: Mel
Age: 232
World: Polyhymnia
God: Anima
Race: Cicera Elf

Appearance: (scroll down)


Escaping Flute- Magically conceal the user when played, and it's optional. It provide resistance from being perceived by any magical perception abilities.
Hymnals Final Edition- a collection of all the edition fromm 1-8, containing all the songs within those collection. The song book contains different Music spells that can be learned from it, the higher the number, the stronger the spell, and more difficult to learn.

Gemini Rapiers:
Dual rapier 1- Does strong fire damage.
Dual rapier 2- Does strong Ice damage.

Abilities: Mel can open a portal called, Music Box, it was created for the purpose of playing enchanted rhythm, but it has to be channeled to remain open. Music spells can be in effect if they are being played, or if the rhythm is meant to put the targets in a trance.

Angelic Rhythm- Heals anybody that hear this music, will continue rejuvenating until the music get interrupted. ( must be active)
Song of Despair- Any enemies that hear this music will instantly loose morale, they will use any excuses to make themselves depress. ( must be active)
War Symphony- Empowers anybody that hear the rhythm, putting them in a trance but still conscious and aware of whats going on. It will increase allies in strength, speed, agility, and intuition, but Mel gains double the increase. Can be use to fight at the same time. ( must be in trance )

Weakness/Strength: Mel's abilities drain very little magic, but most of them can be interrupted if damaged, incapacitated, dead or anything that can make Mel stop channeling the Music Box. Many music used against enemy can be dispelled if they have a strong will to defeat the meaning of it, and vice versa. A Cicera Elf is very agile, and has more magical powers than regular elves, but in return they are slightly weak in strength and physical endurance.

Biology: When Mel was young, she was told about the mystical event that occured 100 years ago, the Conscius Nightfall, and how the vision came about the changes too the Cicera Elves. When told of this, Mel began dreaming a life of adventure and wonders, a life of fantasy and life. As she grew older, along with her childhood friends, Catullus, and Dellarte, they decided to go to war with Anima with or without her permission. Every day they trained in weaponry, and magic, as 122 years passed they became one of many most powerful beings on the Polyhymnia. One night, when the moon was full, and the Cicera was asleep after the Orion Peak, a strange dream came to Mel as she was sleeping. In her dream she saw a vague figure, as seconds past, the figure became much more clear, until she saw a beautiful goddess right before her eyes, then she knew that this astonishing being was Anima. Anima slowly walked towards her and gently pat Mel's head with her hand, When Mel looked up, she discern the goddess teary eyes. Anima spoke as tears were running down her cheeks:
" Mel, why does your race persist on wanting to go to war?" Anima desperately questioned.
Mel smiled and gave the goddess a assuring look, " Anima, when a child is born they have no sins, they are born without anyone bearing grudge to. So the reason we persist is because the very same reason why you are involve in this war, and have not yet quit." She said calmly.
Anima closed her watery eyes, and teleported Mel the war being fought.

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Re: Mel

Post by agentaaa on Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:13 pm

I Approved. I love the way you wrote this character.

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