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Post by Kati on Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:32 pm


Name: Layla
Age: Unknown, appears about 17
Homeworld: Unknown (Examera)
Chosen God: Aeon


  • Mech

    • Name: Stinger
    • Class: Light
    • Armaments: Rifles, Swords
    • Accessories: Increased speed all around

  • Hand-held blaster


  • Telepathic
    (Is able to read minds, and uses the ability to be able to "see". The drawback to that is that she sees in third person, instead of first.)
  • Pre-cognitive
    (Knows things before they happen, or knows things she shouldn't be able to know because of it. When pressed, though, she can't say how she knows, just that she does.)
  • An affinity with machines.
    (She can't make them obey her, and she can't create things, but she can "hear" them, and knows what's wrong, even if she doesn't know how to fix them.)
  • Great pilot
    (Surprising, what with the blindness, but even if there's no one around for her to read their minds, she has a natural sense for where she is and where others are and what needs to be done.)
  • Can control lighting, fire, and water.
    (Can summon, or create, any of the above, though her strongest is lighting and water is her weakest. She can also manipulate them into doing what she wants.)
  • Speaks fluent pig latin.
    (...Oes-day is-thay eally-ray eed-nay a-yay escription-day? It's pig latin.)

Honestly, Layla doesn't remember that much. She woke up one day on Kiltara , and that's where her memory begins. She knows that she's not from there, but doesn't know where she really should be. She's trying to acclimate herself to what she's able to do, and anytime she discovers a new ability, she has a moment of freaking, before she gets used to it. For instance, at this point in time, she doesn't realize she's blind.

Layla has short, choppy blonde hair and wide blue eyes. Her smile is natural and easygoing, and she has a very sardonic and sarcastic sense of humour. She's small, at barely five feet tall, and gets teased about being a fairy by anyone that's never actually met a Sidhe.

Because of her lack of past, she's fairly shy, but once she gets to know someone (even if it hasn't happened yet), she can be bouncy and energetic. She's loyal and will do anything for a friend. First she has to find a friend.

In spite of her blindness, she's rather good with machines, piloting, and shooting. Stick her in hand to hand, however, and she's more likely to run away and climb a tree than to try to fight.


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Re: Layla

Post by devilslayer on Sun Jun 19, 2011 5:29 am

How did she come to follow Aeon.

I have returned!

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Re: Layla

Post by agentaaa on Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:06 am

indeed. post a short paragraph about how she came to avalon. It doesn't need to be ridiculously detailed, just somewhat so.

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Re: Layla

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