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Post by NemesisQ on Fri Jun 17, 2011 11:46 pm

Name: unknown
Age: unknown
World: Memory
Race: Shade (Ethereal Being)
Appearance: Shade has is wearing a white long shirt, with white colored shorts and shoes. He has a black eye, and a indigo eye. And a tatoo across his black eye that mark down representing a sad expression with a tear running down one of his eye. White hair boy.

Ethereal gloves
Shadow gloves

A black brooch

Teleport- can teleport to only one target only.
Haki- an dormant power, that runs deep in this mysterious creature. Giving him Color of armanent, and clairovoyance. He is able to detect the spiritual power of other haki users.

Biography: Being awake and noticing his surrounding, he was not able to comprehend the situation. His memory of his past existence was hold true, and thus began the start of his wandering mind. This creature has a strong sense in a certain direction... and he began to follow it.


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