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Mana Walker

Post by NemesisQ on Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:53 am

Mana Walker
Age: 334
Homeworld: Altah 'Roh
God: Exitius
Race: Phantom (Ethereal being)

Ethereal glove (left): Inflicts arcane damage to the target. Disrupt spells from being cast when hit.
Shadow glove (right): Inflicts shadow damage to the target. Mana gains Elusiveness; becoming swift and fast when worn. Grant a Fade ability: Allow Mana to fade into the shadows, erasing his smell, appearance, sound and anything he touches. ( in regard of him not having him to take off his clothes to fade)

Tome of Eethen Flow and advance usage of haki
Recipe for advance Shadow magic components
Scroll: The lost history of the Shade ( stolen)
Ecyclopedia of Herbs, and Remedy (stolen)
Silver brooch ( Given by someone unknown)


Shadow Lance: Creates a black glyph in the air, while it summons lance of shadow magic towards the target.
Shadow possession: Extend his shadow to his targets own shadow. When it connects, it will possess the movement of the target, constricting there control over their own body, instead that control will be the user of the ability. Invisible, magical strings will be my console to control the target, like a puppet. (Shadow Magic). The range the shadow can extend is 4m, but it will increase significantly when it connects with other shadows. It can affect up to 5 targets.

Haki:A dormant power, Like how chi, ki, or chakra are like, but can be mix easily with magic, as being a Ethereal race. This make the user capable of amazing feats. Color of armament; flow of haki flowing through the body, it can be used a defensive mechanism to shield the user against many strong attacks, it can apply to damage as it make hits explosive or penetrate when connect.

Using the targets shadow against them, would not be a battle of magic as much as a battle of will. As being a monk, Mana's will might be challenging to prevail. Shadow magic drains a moderate amount of magic, but it can only be used one at a time. Mana can physically endure attack very well, he is also very swift and agile, and he can hold a slight resistance to magic. His Fade ability can be perceived by anyone that has been bestow by a ability to see invisbility, or see magic, but it cannot be sense as haki prevent magic fromm leaking out to others awareness. Haki doesn't have a weakness, in limitations and use as it can regenerate quickly, but it can be permanently destroyed if the user overuse it.


Biography: Phantoms are a ethereal race. Once devastated other world and beings with their goal of dictatorship, hiding from shadows, controlling the weak, leading civilians to dismay, and obliterating the world with strong magic. After a year of conquering other worlds, they have finally met another Ethereal race that unleashed a ancient magic, wiping out the phantoms, and almost erasing their existance from the face of the universe. The phantoms met it's match, and retreat for the sake of preserving their race advancement, they shelter back into their home world, cursing there enemies. In time the Phantoms changed, there minds are no longer possess evil, instead by balance, passion, and peace. They hold no desire to dictate the world, instead they will drown it in nothingness, to create a world of peace, and unity. Monastery was made to maintain this knowledge. Mana Walker became an apprentice at one of the monastery, to become a strong warrior. Through years of rigorous training, he was able to achieve amazing strength, stamina and agility, in the art of Athen 'kai. Born talented in using the Shadows, and holding latent magical power, that was predicted to be the guiding light to the Phantoms dream. Training endlessly in mind and body, he has gained control over his body in many ways. One day, he was summoned by the god of death, Exitius. Exitius asked Mana if he would join in a battleground that would be a leading, main step to his dream, and all his people. He accepted and was teleported to Avalon...[img][/img][code][code][code]

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Re: Mana Walker

Post by Angusm3 on Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:19 pm

noooo! another exitius for us to fight!


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Re: Mana Walker

Post by agentaaa on Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:41 pm

Nahhh, they'll probably get to escape

So long as we have cortosis, we'll be alright

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Re: Mana Walker

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