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Post by Quantum Rain on Fri May 06, 2011 11:06 am

Name: Light
Age: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Chosen God: Aeon


  • Luminarium Sword


  • Pure Innocence
    (Light summons a trio of angelic blade wielders to fight with him, and have equal strength to him, thus, Light can be a one-man squad in a sense. The angelic soldiers also have the same abilities as Light, so as he grows in abilities and power, so do they.)
  • Enlightened Bliss
    (As Shadow does with his Dark Dreams, so does Light with his Enlightened Bliss. Light enters a state of boundless energy and is capable of dealing just as much damage as Shadow can. This is achieved through the same requirements as well.)

Biography: Light is from the same world as Shadow is, but, just like Shadow, his past is entirely his own, and their connection is completely unknown. Light's powers are said to be exactly the opposite of Shadow, as is his personality even. Light is happy, Shadow is plain. Light is joyful, Shadow is sarcastic. Light is merciful, Shadow is merciless, etc etc. There are, however, some things that are common between the two persons.

Light is entirely lighthearted, joyful, boundless, as well as being very considerate and selfless towards others. He'd rather lead the charge than for someone else to die for him. Shadow is entirely different from this, being reactive, where as Light is more proactive and impulsive at times, always listening to what his instincts tell him as true. Of course, Shadow also listens to his instincts as well, so there's common ground right there.

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