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Post by Quantum Rain on Thu May 05, 2011 2:28 pm

Name: Shadow
Age: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Chosen God: Exitus


  • Umbraeon Blade


  • Shadowed Graves
    (This ability allows Shadow to summon the fallen soldiers on the battlefield to fight for him. This ability may also be used to temporarily gather the power of the dead soldiers to bolster his own strength, but, in time, that power will have to be given back.)
  • Dark Dreams
    (Shadow enters a state of boundless energy, usually achieved via strong determination or overwhelming stress, which is rare for a man like him, but still possible. Shadow's attacks will never drain him or his power level, as they keep coming, and never lessen in power.)

Biography: Though called Shadow, he does not act like an evil madman since his coming to this world. The world he came from, his attitude was quite different, in fact, he wanted to conquer or destroy everything in existence, leaving no stone unturned. After many years of trials and hardships, and many more losses, Shadow started seeing a different side to things, and became more neutral in attitude...and then he was summoned to Avalon, after training for the most vigorous challenge of his life, the war decided to call to him in place of what was originally his destiny.

Shadow was summoned by Exitus, and for reasons unknown, he joined Exitus's army, despite being much more 'light-side' oriented compared to the others. However, the others don't really mess with Shadow either, due to the fact he could probably kill them all mere seconds after their insult. Shadow is passive, and reactive in this war, rarely throwing the first punch into a battle, but almost always the last to stand. Not much is known about Shadow, actually, only that he has a 'twin' by appearance at least, and their history is entirely unknown as well.

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