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Name: Kress, sometimes known as Kress the devourer
Age: 23
Homeworld: Brinstar-468
Chosen god: none


natural weapons only


Wildlife control - Kress can control non sentient life forms to do his bidding, and keeps a small army of life forms to do his bidding for him.
paralyzing stare - A unique ability only a few Kraid's possess, Kress's stare can cause a state of paralysis in his foe, though it can be resisted with strong will or mental abilities. those caught in this stare are very easily convinced, and almost any lie Kress can spin will seem believable under this stare's effects. they will also be filled with fear of the gargantuan beast, and if released, the first thing someone under it's effects will wish to do is run.

Items: Kress has access to a sizable amount of "Rinka" turrets, though lacks a means to power them.

Kress is one of the species of Kraid, taking their name from the gargantuan forebear that began their mutant race.
Kress is one of the largest of his race, and some believe he will surpass even Kraid himself in size, becoming a force of nature just as deadly. A former pirate commander, Kress was sent to investigate a strange portal appearing on one of the charred fragments of Zebes, and Ended up in Avalon, losing most of his space pirate support and many of his creatures. after arriving in the Avalon universe, he began following the battles, looking for a new opportunity to arise, to once again obtain power and respect.
Wouldn't the conquering of an entire universe, after all, not be far out of his view?

With the exception of Jervix, whom is his lone confidant in his plans and his trusted subordinate, Kress has no real relationships with anyone. Despite his gargantuan size, he is quite intelligent, and an excellent tactician, particularly when it comes to maneuvering soldiers.
Kress has the ability to control wildlife, and has used this to construct a small army of creatures, which are kept by his species for combat purposes. These can breed and in fact are fast enough with reproduction that the numbers can go up quite quickly, giving Kress a sizable if weak army.
creatures currently kept by Kress:

(>'.')>  < ('.'<) two kirbies
   ==(================= and a cheese blade

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