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Post by Quantum Rain on Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:01 am

Name: Arkhein
Other Identifications: Warriors of the Lost, Angels
Homeworld: Examera (Later known as Installation A-01)


Arkhein are super soldiers made by an alien race from another galaxy called the Primitus. They were once human, but after a war between the less-advanced humans and a small contingent of Primitus troops, the survivors were enslaved. The Primitus at the time were in a period of civil war, of sorts, and so to bring a swift end to the rebellion poised against them, they started experiments on the humans. Utilizing their advanced technology, they studied how they could strengthen them into weapons of war.

This research came to realization very quickly, as after mere months of experiments, and countless deaths from experiments or suicides of the patient in question, the first human managed to survive the tests to its full extent. The Arkhein was born. The first Arkhein was lucky to survive, as it soon came to realization to the Primitus that the being already had magic within him, and as such his body easily adapted to the increase of energy.

However, simulations proved that the body could not withstand major use of these powers, and as such they strengthened the human frame, and injected nanites. The nanites were so advanced that they stopped, and could even reverse the aging process entirely. Furthermore, they could also change the features of the being in question. With this strengthened frame, they continued to their second test.

The second test proved interesting, as another occurrence appeared. Another energy called ‘The Force’ in other cultures was discovered in one human. In the interests of further improving their super soldiers, they started researching a means to inject this new power into their slaves. The Force allowed the Arkhein to function with efficiency, as they could soon predict enemy moves with ease it seemed. With improved strength, they continued to the third Arkhein.

The final breakthrough in their experiments came to when the Primitus discovered that the humans were capable of psionic energies if their brains were enhanced enough. In the interests of even further improving their super soldiers’ powers, they did so. Soon, the Arkhein became the strongest creations among the Primitus arsenal. The remaining humans were molded into Arkhein, and nearly immediately, they were sent to war. The enemy stood little chance against these new weapons, though low in numbers comparatively, their strength made up for this flaw.

--To be continued--
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